We may seem like an ominous group behind the name ‘Anything Goes Lifestyle’, after all, we hardly show our faces on the website or social. But it is with good reason, the whole purpose of Anything Goes Lifestyle isn’t about our personal lifestyles, but about the lack of information we have received throughout our lives, through education and some fun stuff too, we hope. However, you may be curious about us and so, as part our Patreon segment, we thought we’d open ourselves up a little more to you. Here, find out a little more about what our personal ambitions are for the year ahead.


I try not to make hard resolutions because I think it’s unnecessary pressure (I pressure myself on most other things in life); I am finding it quite funny that Queen and David Bowie’s Under Pressure has randomly started to play on my Alexa as I write this! However, I am a reflective person and do like to try and better myself and look at what I’ve achieved over the year- though this is often done around my birthday (it makes getting older easier I find). However, I do use the start of the year to map out my plans to carry out ambitions I have. Here’s 3 things I hope to achieve this year:

Better work-life balance

I’ve been working relentlessly for many years and neglecting my needs; namely because I have two jobs and feel pulled between the two often. So, to combat this, I have implemented a new schedule which allows time to deal with the unexpected- yep, I am planning for the unexpected. My new schedule also includes hard finish times. personal time to deal with life admin, and…

A better focus on my own health

Including actually getting to the gym.

I have a rolling contract so I can look at the month ahead and see if I am able to make use of it. If I am not going to be able to go enough to justify the cost, I don’t take out the monthly membership and instead go when I can, or make a routine I can do at home. I then pencil in all suitable and available days in the diary, allowing extra to get value for money but ensuring I am always able to make a cost per use value of my membership. I’m trying to be realistic and so I’m trying to look at it holistically and understand I may just be too tired.

In addition, I have really started to make use of our weekly food schedule (yes, more schedules) which not only means I am able to make the most of the fresh food we get (reducing waste) but an increase in healthier meals. Plus, with my more flexible work schedule, I am able to get hands on with the cooking and eat at a reasonable time.

Be more eco

At home I am looking at all the ways I can reduce my carbon footprint on household supplies, beauty supplies and travel. I also aim to work out our household carbon footprint and offset this through one of the many programmes available, as well as looking at ways to further reduce our impact (really struggling with bulk buying washing up liquid!).

So far, so good!


Honestly, this year I’ve tried to plan very little.

As someone who likes to know where I’m going and what I am doing, but after the past few years of complete changes and never knowing, having spent three months of the last year in a cast, and then living my dream dive cruise. Twice. I’m learning- trying- to be more fluid with my plans. Plan for the unexpected if you like.

My one professional goal this year is I want to work on getting a new skill that’ll allow me to work professionally and more outdoors. Personally, I want to try and develop one creative skill because it’s something I always wanted to be able to do.

But that’s it.


I want to embrace Eckhart Toll’s philosophy of feel the fear and do it anyway; push myself outside of my comfort zone and allow myself to try new experiences, and importantly, stop letting others’ opinions and voices influence my choices and decisions. I’ve realised how my fears are often from others’ perspectives, or what I think they may be!

Professionally, I’ll be investing in a movie this year. Because, why not? I’ll also be pushing my business to new audiences and growing the agency, as well as building on my network (I love an opportunity to meet new people, it feeds into those new experiences thing!). There are lots of changes on the horizon but it’s all very positive, well I feel positive about it anyway; no doubt full of challenges too but I am here and ready for it.

Also, I am beginning to learn I need to be a bit selfish and put my needs and wants first sometimes. So, I’ve booked a holiday with a friend (I can’t wait!).

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