Male Grooming: A Confidence Boost for Him and Perks for You

Posted on Sep 12 2018 - 9:00am by Guest writer

By Holly Barry (@HJBarry)

The male grooming market is bigger than ever and growing year by year. As always, celebrities play a key role in influencing consumers, with men inspired by celebrities like David Beckham – the reigning poster boy for male grooming.

Then there are those seemingly carefree male celebrities like Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw. They might walk in with a swagger, looking like they just got out of bed looking like that – but they are also highly groomed.

If your partner enjoys looking good, or you would like to give his self-esteem a boost, check out these male grooming ideas for gifting to him.

A dazzling smile

This year’s British Orthodontic Society survey found there has been an increase in 2018 in men who are seeking treatment. It’s clear that men are becoming more conscious of the importance of a good smile.

A teeth whitening treatment will give your partner a confidence boost. It’s a simple thing that can be done that will improve your partner’s whole look. Having clean, white, straight teeth also looks more professional and will give your partner more confidence to smile when walking into an important meeting or job interview.

If time and budget is short, an air whitening treatment is a good option. Like microdermabrasion for your teeth, the treatment removes stains in minutes. Search online for the nearest dentist to you that offers this special treatment.

man smile

A Turkish shave

A Turkish shave is not just a shave – in Turkey it’s a whole grooming experience. Luckily there are a few Turkish salons in the UK where you can treat your partner. Not only will he get the perfect shave, but he can also get your ear hairs singed, eyebrows trimmed and a Turkish massage – all over some Turkish tea and coffee.

Try The Ottoman Crew at the top of New Oxford Street in London, which offers haircuts including ‘The Ottoman Sword Cut’ and beard trims such as ‘The Ottoman Dagger Shave’. Despite the eyebrow raising names of the treatments, the salon’s aim is to treat your partner to some complete relaxation.

A ‘Brotox’ course

A male Botox treatment just takes 20 minutes and will help smooth out any early signs of ageing. Make sure you use an experienced professional who will know that less is more, so your partner will not get that ‘frozen’ look.

A subtle ‘brotox’ treatment will leave your partner looking instantly brighter, rested and refreshed.

A ‘blondzing’

The latest trend for City boys is ‘blondzing’ which is a bronzed body with a few high quality, subtle highlights in the hair to frame the face. The emphasis is on subtle here – not 1990s style!

A tan gives an instant fresh look but encourage your partner to fake it rather than go on sunbeds or tan on the beach. Fake tan is a safe way of tanning so why should it just be for women?

There are so many bronzing products for men on the market now that are natural looking and no longer smell like soggy digestive biscuits!

Subtlety is again key for the tan – these products will give the appearance that he has been hard grafting or playing sports outside. He can even just tan the parts of his body which would have naturally caught the sun.

The best fake tans will gradually build the tan up so on first application it will look refined. You can gift him some James Read Hydra Read Tan Mist for Men or some Clarins Men Tanner Booster which he can just add to his usual moisturiser.

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow will care for your partner’s skin as well as providing a natural colour.

Tanned male

A medi-pedi

As the summer months hit, men get out their flip flops and gnarled feet that haven’t seen the light of day for a while are revealed!

What your partner needs is a medical pedicure. The term ‘medical’ is reassuring – you want to know that those neglected feet are going to get some tough and rigorous work!

Take a look at the Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure – this treatment will remove all callused, dead, dry skin and reshape and buff the nails.

male pedicure

A French crop

For a real treat, book your partner into a traditional barber shop. Take a look at Pall Mall Barbers, one of the oldest barber shops in London. Offering a truly old-school service for the dapper gent, ask them for a French crop like Gary Barlow or Zach Effron.

A spa day

For the ultimate pamper day, the Rosewood Hotel in London does men’s spa days where your partner can receive a facial, sports massage, gentleman’s manicure and hair spa treatment with celebrity stylist Matthew Curtis.

A razor subscription

Yes, for the man that has everything – razor subscriptions exist! The perfect present for your partner, he can use a fresh razor which will prevent shaving rash and razor nicks.

Check out Harry’s Shave Plan for less than £2 a blade. Alternatively, there is the Dollar Shave Club with a £5 starter pack.

male shave

A facial at home

If you want to pamper your partner at home why not treat him to a pamper night? You can introduce him to the latest sheet masks, which allow the product that has been imbedded into them to seep slowly into his skin. Try Barber Pro’s Gentleman’s Sheet Mask.

Alternatively, you can go for an anti-ageing face mask like the one by SCRUBD natural men’s grooming which contains Dead Sea mud from Israel.

A relaxing face mask is also the perfect cure for a hangover!

There really is something to suit every man on the men’s grooming market and most men could do with a little confidence boost whether from the comfort of home or a treat away.

Men’s grooming may focus on physical appearance, but it can also improve mental state of mind – which may well lead to a happier relationship!

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