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If you’re looking for a good crafty project for the little ones, making Christmas cards could be just the thing! It’s the perfect lockdown activity. If you fancy giving it a go yourself, with our simple designs you could do it whilst you watch TV, the dinner is cooking or during a lunchbreak or Sunday afternoon chill.

Our guide doesn’t entail a lot of materials and you can create lots of Christmas cards with the materials we suggest. Everyone will love the personal touch and it is quite nice to be hands on and creative instead of staring at a screen (that may just be me).

What you’ll need to create your own Christmas cards:

Festive lights

Christmas Lights Cards

What stands out at Christmas? Lights and sparkle. We’re sure we’ve seen a similar idea to this on Pinterest before and is very easy to achieve.

The idea is to make it look like string lights. We did this simply by using a bullet point marker pen (we really liked the Pilot one above having tried several). You need to do a simple twirl that turns up and down like Christmas lights would when you first unravel them.

Once you’ve mapped it out, select your gems to go on it. You can use a mix of the large acrylic stones and self-adhesive gems if you wish. And then stick down with the glue dots.

For a finishing touch, we wanted to wish our recipients a ‘Happy Christmas’. We love the Sharpie’s Gold Metalic Pen- it’s lovely to write with and it’s so very festive. If you want to work on your handwriting for your Christmas cards, we’ve found a great free worksheet with Liz on Call.


Holly cards

I’m a bit of a doodler; when I was in school or on calls now, at this time of year, I am always doodling holly. Thankfully it’s one of the simplest Christmas symbols to do.

This was a really simple, but effective card. You simply outline your holly in the black marker and fill in with a Crayola felt pen; this, we found, worked best. For the holly berries, we used the self-adhesive gems which gives the card some sparkle.

Christmas presents

Christmas presents cards

Wondering what to get your loved ones for Christmas? Our Christmas gift guide is a must read for inspiration.

Another simple illustration is presents. To replicate, draw a simple box with a horizontal and vertical strip with two loops on top for bows.

For decorating, I opted for the self-adhesive gems, though as you could see, if the boxes are large enough, you can use the acrylic gems too. You could mix and match the colours if you like but I really loved the rainbow pattern.

For the ribbons, we coloured it in with the metallic gold sharpie and we’re really pleased with the results.

In all, it took just a few hours to create 10 cards but was something really enjoyable to do and I loved the look of them. Can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when I hand them out!

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