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Whether you’re heading out to an official firework display or hosting your own bonfire night, there are some safety rules that should always be followed:

  1. Wrap up warm

You could be standing around for quite a while so make sure everyone is wrapped up warm. Layers may be best as if there is going to be a bonfire display too, it could get quite warm. Additionally, if you’re going to a display that has other rides and attractions, littles ones could end up working up quite a sweat. A waterproof jacket, fleece, gloves and a hat are ideal items to have for a firework display.

  1. Wear gloves when holding sparklers

Firework Review states that sparklers are underestimated for their danger potential. When they are in fact one of the most dangerous fireworks to be around. They generate a ridiculous amount of heat that will surely cause some damage and injury if come into contact with. Even long after they’ve gone out.

Always wear gloves when holding sparklers to significantly reduce the risk of burns.


  1. Be careful of dangling clothes

Following on from the above, if you or little ones are going to be holding sparklers or standing close to a bonfire, make sure any loose and dangling clothing (like scarves) are tucked away for safety.

Additionally, if you’re heading outside, make sure laces are tied tight and trousers aren’t dragging on the floor.

  1. Keep your distance

With any sparkler, firework display or bonfire, always keep your distance. Not only will you get a better view and get to appreciate the display more, but you’ll be out of harms way.

Sparklers should not be held close to the body; the arm should be straight and in front to avoid causing harm to anyone else.

  1. Wear high-visibility clothing

If you’re walking to a display or will find yourself out in the dark, it’s always advisable to wear bright or light clothing or where possible a high-vis jacket or reflective clothing. This will ensure that you’re visible to any oncoming traffic and will help keep you and your family safe.

  1. Be mindful of others

When at a display, try not to obstruct the view of others. Don’t allow your children to sit on your shoulders if it means someone behind you won’t be able to see.

As highlighted above, when it comes to sparklers, allow a good distance around you to avoid injuring another party.

  1. Check the bonfire for hiding pets or wildlife

If you’re doing a bonfire at home, be sure to check the mound for your pets or other wildlife like hedgehogs.

As it’s getting colder, they’ll see these mounds as little homes to take shelter from the cold.

To avoid little animals getting caught in these, if you can, prepare the bonfire the day you intend to light it and put a little chicken wire around the perimeter to deter animals seeking shelter here. Before you light the bonfire, do a thorough check just to be sure; using a flashlight will help you spot small eyes.

  1. Keep water or sand buckets near by

If you’re doing a display at home be sure to have buckets of water or sand on hand in case things go wrong. You should also have a bucket dedicated to the disposal of sparklers- especially as they continue to let off heat long after they’ve extinguished.

  1. Protect your pets

Most animals are terrified of fireworks so make sure they’re safe and secure in the home. If you’ve got rabbits that usually sleep outside, be sure to bring them in over the firework period. If you’re heading out for the evening, put the radio on or leave the TV on for a little background noise and distraction for your pets. It’s also advisable to close all windows, blinds and curtains so that the loud bangs and flashes of light do not disturb them.

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