Life Hacks- 10 top tips to make life a little easier

Posted on Feb 14 2018 - 12:57pm by Samantha Clark

1. Removing labels/residue

You may have seen our Instagram posts where we were moaning about label residue ruining our homewares? We were dismayed that so many of you have the same experience. So we went on a quest to get to the bottom of it! It depends on what you’re faced with but one of the two solutions below, will help you to remove labels and their residue once and for all.

If the label is still attached

Solution 1: Olive oil, vinegar and water

In the sink pour a tablespoon of oil, a tablespoon of vinegar and fill, shallowly, with water. Leave the item in to soak for about 15 minutes and the label should come right off. Rinse with washing up liquid and voilà!

If you’re dealing with label residue or a stubborn label

Solution 2: Olive oil and bicarbonate of soda.

Mix the two in a small Tupperware dish to form a paste. In a circular motion, go over the product with the paste to remove the label/reside. Rinse and then wash as normal with washing up liquid.

2. Effortless eggs


Peeling an egg can be tricky business and one that causes an awful lot of fuss and mess. To make life a little easier, add a bit of salt and a few douses of vinegar to the water before boiling and the egg shell will come right off when it’s time to peel.

3. Stretching your new shoes

New shoes are troublesome. So much so that sometimes it doesn’t even feel worth it; especially after the first wear causes such agonising pain and occasionally blisters.

Don’t let your feet be the ones to do all the work when it comes to stretching them out. Wedge a few potatoes in your shoes a few days before you want to wear them to give you a helping hand. Ensure you don’t fill out the width though; you just want enough potatoes in/around the toes and slimmer ones in the main to avoid this.

4. Organise your bedding into sets

There’s only one downside to fresh sheets, and that’s in finding the matching set. Keep your bedding sets in order by using one of the pillowcases from the set and putting the other cases, sheet and duvet inside. It’ll keep everything together, you’ll easily differentiate the sets because the pillowcase will help you to identify it and help better organise your cupboard.

5. Spotless cups and spoons

The downside to being a tea drinker is the staining of the cups and spoons; especially when it comes to offering a cup to an outsider. To save yourself the embarrassment, soak your cups and spoons in steriliser and allow to soak for 5 minutes. Rinse with hot soapy water and those marks will be gone.

6. Check your teeth

It turns out there is an actual function to the apple symbol on the back of the iPhone- if you’ve ever felt conscious of bits in between your teeth after a meal, especially when in the office before a meeting, this will help you to discreetly check for any mishaps and correct it before anyone else notices.

7. Get more out of nail polish


Don’t you just hate it when your nail polish clumps up! If it’s not been used in a while or it’s coming to the end you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. To help resolve this, add a drop or two of nail polish remover and give it a really good shake. This will help the nail polish reactivate and make for easier application.

8. Fit more into your wardrobe

Get more out of your wardrobe space by doubling items up.

Either use the tab of a can (good for metal hangers) or an elastic band to allow you to have two hangers on one. You’ll be amazed at how much space it’ll give you! Coordinate your clothes by putting similar style dresses or shirts with each other or go-to outfits to help with space saving and help you get more organised.

9. Removing limescale/Oxidisation

A see through kettle and stainless steel pots were the bane of our lives before we cottoned onto this life hack. Limescale and oxidisation looks awful, dirty and unattractive. When your homewares show this it makes you want to buy new. However, it can be removed.

For kettles

Fill the kettle with a water and vinegar solution and leave to soak overnight. In the morning, rinse and the limescale will be gone.

For pans

Douse a sheet or two of kitchen towel vinegar and rub on the base and side of the pan. You don’t need to rinse it but to help keep it fresh, follow up by running olive oil over it.

10.  Washing your makeup brushes

makeup brushes

You don’t need a special treatment to wash your makeup brushes. Simply wash with shampoo, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry for fresher, and healthier, makeup brushes. The same goes for your hairbrushes and rollers.

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