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Promotional Feature with Letproof

Renting is the norm for so many, and often a choice not a necessity, especially if we look at generation rent, as renting offers more flexibility and choice. It is predicted that almost 5.8m households are expected to be renting by 2021, (The Guardian) so how can we change the current renting and letting scene and improve the housing crisis we’re experiencing in the UK?

Letting can be expensive and complicated, due to letting agent fees for both landlords and tenants and often a lack of successful communication via middleman and agents.  With both tenants and landlords looking for alternatives to the traditional letting agent, online letting agents evolved, promising cheaper rates, however, for many, this is still not fulfilling the need for more transparency in the whole process.

LogoEnter, not an online agent, but a listing platform allowing landlords to list their property for tenants to view, giving control back to landlords and tenants and enabling them to match on their own; think Airbnb, Etsy or Uber, bringing the provider or supplier and the customer together directly.

There is a private messaging service allowing both tenant and landlord to communicate directly with each other, organise viewings and subsequently, the rental agreements.  There are downloads, links and materials available too to make the process as simple as possible and to ensure no one is too daunted by the prospect if this is their first time going solo!


Having built what passionately feel is the solution to the outdated routes to letting, the team are very excited to announce that the Kickstarter project is now live, (see here) hoping to raise £35,000 to build an app.  The app will provide you with everything the current platform does and more, allowing users to match on the go, with ease and making the letting experience that much simpler again.

This startup is what the rental market is crying out for: change! is all about coming together to improve the way we rent and let, so raising funds on a platform such as Kickstarter is a perfect opportunity for those who share the vision for fairer rental, to support  If you want to show your support, you can with as small as a £10 pledge or as much as you’d like and as it’s a Kickstarter project so there are rewards to be had!

This as a positive movement in the world of letting, bringing landlords and tenants together and enabling them to grasp with both hands the opportunity for change and improvement in rental.  Perhaps you’re interested in supporting their kickstarter campaign or perhaps you’ve had your own experience with letting agents and fancy trying something new…this is definitely one option to try!

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