We’ve been gifted the opportunity to try the classes, all views are our own.

We all think we can cook – a little at least. Whip up a simple pasta, heat up a sauce, follow a recipe.

Except that a lot of this involves ready made things such as a store bought pasta sauce, following an exact recipe, or simply heating up a ready meal. These things are expensive and not particularly healthy. We want to learn the basics or real cooking, learn to experiment and have a little fun. We enrolled in a cooking course with Cookable.

Their mission is to “Get Britain Cooking” and making our food healthier and cheaper – and that’s exactly what we want, too!

Cookable classes

We have enrolled in a four-week course, with a live lesson each week (and three days and times to choose from each week) to learn the real basics of cooking from scratch, that means chopping ourselves in order to use the freshest ingredients, building healthy and balanced meals and understanding flavour.

With week 1 under our belt, here is how it went:

First, you get access to an online hub where you book into your classes and check your shopping list for the week (and can later look at additional resources as well). If you don’t know how to navigate it, don’t worry, you get an email with links to the pages you need.

Each week, you will focus on a skill and cook a recipe as you go along (classes are conveniently scheduled to finish around dinner time). First week is about “cooking essentials” and we made a stir-fry.

Cookable classes

Ahead of time, we checked the shopping list: Easy ingredients to find and lots and lots of options for substitutions: dried, frozen or fresh ingredients, choices of vegetables, alternatives to sauces… all planned for in order to use as much as possible of what is in the pantry and fridge instead of buying specifically for the class.

All we had to do before the class was get the ingredients ready as well as equipment (a bowl, a knife, a saucepan and a frying pan as well as a chopping board) and get onto zoom.

Enter Jack, our teacher throughout these four weeks and Emily, who helps throughout the class with technical issues, answering our questions, muting and unmuting us so we can ask Jack questions but still hear him, as well make sure we get a good view of each step – whether it’s watching how to chop or what’s happening in the pan.

Jack is a cook and was previously Head Teacher at the Jamie Oliver Cooking School. And now he’s here, in our kitchen, getting us cooking. His goal is to simplify home cooking for us, teach us basics such as chopping skills, set ups and building a meal, so we can eat at home more.

In one class we learnt how to set up our workspace, three types of chops as well as how to chop awkwardly shaped ingredients, how to reduce a sauce such as a stir fry sauce (so easy, yet we’d never heard or thought of it!) and how to “taste with context” throughout the process. The highlight was definitely FINALLY learning how to master the sweet-sour-bitter-salty-umami balance they always talk about in the cooking competitions we watch but don’t quite understand. A game changer!

Cookable classes

Most of us substituted ingredients here and there and Jack checked in with everyone along the way. Thanks to Jack and Emily, our group was composed (not including the onion chop) and had a wonderful time preparing an amazing meal. Most of all though, we learned many lessons from the first class (and fed everyone in the process). We have until the next class to practice some of our newly learnt skills so they come more naturally and then we’re ready for Week 2 – Cooking Quicker.

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