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School holidays taking their toll? Maybe it’s a wet weekend and although you liked the idea of putting your feet up and relaxing the kids have other ideas. The best way to entertain them is to keep them busy, get them engaged in activities and games. Switch off that TV set, there’s a whole host of fun things they could be doing instead.

Set Up a Games Tournament Day

There’s nothing like playing for a prize to bring out the competitive side in your child. Set up a chart with name labels, and keep a “winners” tally. Then set up a few challenges to get everyone in the mood. These can involve whatever you like, you can play a few traditional games e.g. tiddlywinks or snap, a couple of board games such as Connect 4 and Guess Who and maybe add a race game on the Xbox if you’re feeling brave! Get the whole family involved and tally the scores at the end -winner takes all!

What a Load of Junk

If you have a school holiday coming start keeping a few things to one side, such as cardboard boxes, egg boxes, kitchen roll tubes, empty washing up liquid bottles etc. You will need quite a few empty bits and bobs to make this interesting, but it will be worth it, because kids love junk modelling. You can do your modelling outdoors if the weather suits (spread everything out on the grass and provide string, glue, sticky tape and scissors. If it needs to be an indoor activity, protect your floor or table with an old bedsheet. You can give your kids a brief such as “create a funny robot,” or you can leave them to their own devices and see what they come up with, either way fun is guaranteed!

Devise Your Own Games

Encourage your child to come up with a game of their own and provide all the stuff they might need to create it (think glue, scissors, card etc). They could make a variation of a well-known game such as kangaroos and helter-skelters instead of snakes and ladders (kangaroos jump up and helter-skelters to slide down)! You could even get them to fashion their own counters with little name labels on. Or get their creative juices really going and challenge them to devise a brand-new game of their own.

Bake Off Time

Children tend to love baking and that lovely smell of cookies will make your mouth water. Accept there is likely to be some mess as your little ones invades the kitchen and keep in mind you will have to help with the more dangerous elements such as using the oven! Elongate the process by getting them to design the cookies first, checking they have the ingredients and then weighing everything. Your kids can even think about how they will display their cakes, they can add decoration to cupcake cases and even design name labels that can be attached – cupcakes make a lovely gift for granny and grandad.

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