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Your tyres are the only part of your vehicle that touches the road, and as such you should take great care to keep them in excellent condition. Here are five ways in which you can do exactly that.

Drive carefully

This may seem obvious, but the way you drive directly affects the condition of your tyres, and speeding, braking abruptly, and driving off-road can all have a deleterious effect on your tyres. Keep to the speed limit – slightly below if conditions are poor – and avoid potholes and bad roads whenever possible.

Visual check

A visual check of your tyres is a quick, simple and free way to achieve peace of mind and know that your tyres are in good condition. Look for signs of damage and punctures, which can appear as odd bulges in the sidewall, the radial belts protruding through the rubber, missing chunks of tyre, cracks and even small dark dots. If you get into the habit of checking your tyres, you will be better equipped to notice when something begins to go wrong.


Tyre alignment means having all four tyres pointing in the same direction when driving straight. A deviation of even a fraction of a millimetre can be enough to cause wear and tear on the vehicle and cause damage to both the tyres itself and the chassis and axle of the car. Have the alignment checked at every service to be sure your wheels are properly placed – it is the matter of a few minutes these days, with modern technology’s assistance.


Much like alignment, and often done in conjunction with it, balancing your wheels means ensuring that all four tyres are carrying an equal amount of weight. This, again, can be checked and corrected at your regular service, and can help to ensure that one tyre is not carrying more weight than it should be, which could cause unwanted wear and tear, and perhaps lead, in time, to catastrophic failure.

Replace when needed

Finally, when you need new tyres, replace them! When it comes to tyres, Kent is well-stocked. For instance, you can book tyres online in Kent with Dartford’s easy-to-use widget. No upfront payment required! It will not be long before your old, possibly unsafe, tyres are being recycled safely, and you are heading off on the road, content in the knowledge that your tyres are safe and roadworthy.

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