The wonderful Bouquet Florists have enlightened us with their wisdom and top tips on preserving and keeping fresh flowers for longer. Although the care of flowers will vary from flower to flower, below are some basic guidelines on ensuring your bouquets last longer.

bunchesFlower bunches:

  • Re-cut flowers before transferring into a vase: Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle. This allows the fresh flowers to get a greater intake of the water it needs
  • The water should be at tap temperature- avoid letting it run, it’s at it’s best when just turned on.
  • Re-cut the flowers every few days for the reasons above. When doing this, change the water too!
  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and hot areas (such as the kitchen) as flowers won’t survive as long as say placing them on the dining table.
  • If you buy flowers for a friend, colleague, neighbour etc. that you plan to see a day later, make sure you take them out of the car.
  • Take the foliage out of your bouquet! Foliage makes the water smell and will more than likely affect the longevity of the flowers. Alternatively, if you want to keep the foliage, keep it above/out of water.
  • Use the flower food provided: this is quite key in ensuring a longer life for your flowers, it provides it with the nutrients it needs. If you don’t have any/you’ve run out or are topping up/changing your water then a teaspoon of sugar is good, as is a couple of squeezes of lemon juice.

Hand tiedHand-tied bouquet/Aqua pack: 

  • Can be kept in the water provided for a couple of days, after this, place the flowers in the sink and cut into the water bag and drain the water this way; cut the stems (see above) and place in a vase with clean water.

Basket arrangement

  • The oasis, the sponge the flowers are in, needs to be kept topped up with water. Once the oasis dries out, transfer them into a vase or another pot to keep them fresher for longer. Once the oasis dries up it loses its ability to hold water.

Note: The stamens in a lily (the pollen) are highly poisonous to cats. Ask your florist to remove them for you (which can only be done if the lily is open) or keep them in a place your cat doesn’t go (or don’t get them at all).

General tip: if you get pollen on your clothes, DO NOT wet it! Instead, get some sellotape and dab it off.

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