Interiors Trends for 2019

Posted on Feb 6 2019 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

Pantone have spoken! In 2019 we’re ‘Living Coral’ – a colour that we’ll see in interior and fashion trends throughout the year.

If you’re used to working with a neutral palette, Living Coral will appear startling initially. It’s not something we’d recommend splashing all over the walls, nor would we encourage the pursuit of sofas in a similar hue. However, a splash of it here and there, in soft furnishings like cushions and throws or in artwork, will certainly add a little bit of vibrancy to your living space. Something we could all do with following the dark, cold couple of months that we’ve been having.

Coral throw

Coral Throw

Aside colour, considering the following interior trends when updating your decor: 


Our news feeds are becoming more and more populated with stories of environmental impact. Taking initiative and ultimately doing their part, many manufacturers are finding innovative ways for our everyday items to be more sustainable.

Whatever updates your looking to make in the home this year, be more conscious of your environmental impact:

Purchase items with longevity in mind ensuring the materials used for production are either recycled, reclaimed or the manufacturers are conscious on doing their part; whether that is by planting new trees they harvest for the wood or ensure that their supply chain is consistent every step of the way at ensuring fair labour, sourcing sustainable materials etc.

Reclaimed wood table

Reclaimed wood table

Additionally, consider items for functionality rather than decoration, or else the items you’re purchasing are reflective of your personality and history, not just because it looks nice. Less is always more in 2019 when it comes to décor.

Eu Natural

A continuing theme for this year is bringing the outside in with the use of natural materials like wood, granite, stone and plant life. This trend elicits a simpler time and a consciousness and gratitude of our natural resources.

Outside in


We’ve all been admiring the Scandinavian design in Pinterest and magazines for years. This style isn’t going away and capturing this in our homes has never been easier.

To execute, it’s all about simplicity and functionality. Look to a neutral palette for your base colour on walls and exposed hard wood floors as your base. Build on this with clean line furniture and furnish with woollen/textured rugs, woollen/shaggy throws and cushions.

As for decorative items, keep this simple too! Add a potted plant here or there and be sporadic with pictures/art adorned on the wall.

Scandinavian Bedroom

Stripped bedding

Bedside table



Modern Glamour

A fusion of velvet, metallics, natural stone and glass have brought us Modern Glamour.

Much like Scandinavian, our colour palettes for this trend are tonal, and our furniture is with clean lines; though with perhaps some detailing on the arms or backs (common in sofas and chairs, with buttons).

Commonly, in lounges, sofas and chairs will be in velvet and we accent this with glass, metallic and natural stone for our light features, tables, vases etc. to really bring this trend to life.


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