Inspired by Katie Bouman, the woman who spent 3 years working to capture the historic photo of the black hole, we want to share the stories of women who are also working seemingly in the background to make a difference and not just to the collective knowledge, but those that do meaningful things for humanity in a project we’re calling #InspiringWomen. 

It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the work that remarkable women do every day, especially of the things we may not be aware of. Each month we’ll add an inspiring story about the women that are doing extraordinary and humbling work.

Introducing, Adele Sutton, Revealed Projects

Meet Adele Sutton, founder and project manager for Revealed Projects

Adele is the founder and project manager for Revealed Projects, a not for profit organisation launched by Holy Trinity Church, Weston super Mare, in June 2016. As part of her role at Revealed Projects, Adele works passionately to deliver workshops to young people around self-esteem and healthy relationships, including; self-worth, emotional wellbeing, romantic and sexual relationships, healthy friendships, online safety, bullying, signposting for unhealthy and abusive relationships, consent and pornography among other issues and topics.

A driving force for what she does is to ultimately inspire young people to be confident in who they are and develop essential skills to build healthy relationships in all aspects of life. As part of a greater effort, she/Revealed Projects has introduced workshops aimed at parents and carers to help them continue these conversations at home.  

At a time when confidence among adolescents seems at an all time low, these conversations around healthy relationships and positive personal image is essential. And the work that Adele and the team at Revealed Projects do is invaluable not just to each individual but to society as a whole. You can find out more about the work that Revealed Projects do via their website.

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