Posted on May 31 2017 - 10:15am by Samantha Clark
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Holidays, experiences and special occasions come with mementos like tickets, leaflets and many other little keepsakes; not forgetting the hundreds of photos we take to go with them. But gone are the days where we stick all our photos in a haphazard mess in a photo album. With the majority of moments and experiences being digitally captured hundreds of times, we don’t have the time or money to print them all out and organise them into stacks and stacks of books. So most of our photos end up stuck on our phones, cameras and hard drives whilst our little tokens go into storage.

Scrapbooking though is a great way to celebrate those extra special occasions. You may decide to do them for special trips or occasions and for certain items and not others but it allows you to organise your keepsakes and favourite photos into arrangements that, every now and then, you can pick up and share a smile over. It’ll particularly nice when you share it with your loved ones.

So here’s our tips on scrapbooking like a pro:

Buy a book:

For best results and to make it easier on you overall, we’d recommend looking to Paperchase who have loads of scrapbooks to choose from- some are themed some are plain. The advantage here is your book can determine your theme. They have travel and wedding related ones for example and if you opt for plain- you can always add a little personal decoration to it later with some decoupage or pictures or writing to illustrate what this book is about.


Paperchase have a range that already meet a theme but they’ve plain if you want to design your own. An excellent starting point for scrapbooking

Get organised:

Key to good scrapbooking is organisation.

  1. We find that following a timeline is always best. If you’re working on holidays start from your arrival date and work through to your last day- you can also organise your holidays by destinations; if it’s birthdays go from the earliest birthday to the latest etc. It gives you a good flow to base your book around.
  2. Something to be wary of is you don’t want it to get too bulky either- weed through your mementos to see what makes the cut. Not everything from your trip has to be included- just the most poignant moments, the funniest bits, the bits that really stick out from your occasion that you want to immortalise.

Spend a good amount of time going through all the bits and pieces suited to your theme- be really selective, you don’t want it to end up too bulky


  1. Sometimes you have to see outside of the box when it comes to scrapbooking; turning pages into accordion pages is an excellent way to include bits that don’t meet the traditional mould of your book. It’s all about variation, especially when it comes to your photos too, don’t stick to standard sized photos. Try not to be too rigid on your expectations on how things should fit- it’ll make the process a lot easier and more enjoyable.
  2. For some of those more precious items which you’re concerned with permanently fixing, pockets allow to include them without fear of damage.
  3. As for layout, which can feel like the trickiest part, work your pages around a particular theme. It may be a photo from a particular day and you make a few notes around it about what was going on at the time; it could be a page of tickets from your trip whatever it is it’s a creative process that should be fun. The key here is to play around with your layout and only stick down your bits when you’re completely happy with how it looks.


In addition to books, we think you’ll need the following items:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pockets
  • Embellishments- like glitter, lettering and ribbon really add a personal touch to your special occasions
  • Pens- you want something that can write on most surfaces but mostly suited to paper

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