Review: Superheroes in chocolate form.

Posted on Apr 30 2015 - 8:42pm by Samantha Clark
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Hotel Chocolat are celebrating their ‘superheroes‘, a collection of their award winning, customer favourites and best selling products. Over the coming weeks we’re going to review the superheros ideal for sharing because, in our opinion, chocolate this good just has to be shared. We’re also giving you a chance to win this weeks superhero, we’ve three Triple Chocolate Wham Bam slab so don’t forget to check out our competitions page for more details.

These slabs are so gorgeously made and packaged that they should take pride and place of home. I keep mine on the coffee table so whether I have friends over, sitting down with a cuppa, movie night with the boyfriend or just want an after dinner treat- it can be enjoyed by all who come into our home. The only disadvantage with a slab rather than a chocolate selection box is you really do have to get your hands all over it to break it up which, when you have friends/family over, it doesn’t look the best (I guess you could chop it up in advance and re-package it though?).

Rocky Road slab– Whenever you hear rocky road I think there is always this assumption on what it should contain; nuts, marshmallows, cookie pieces etc. but actually the composition can be made up of anything. The Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road giant slab is made up of a base of a swirl of milk and dark chocolate with chocolate chip cookie, white chocolate chunks and puffed rice pieces. I loved most about this slab was it’s texture, each bite was a total surprise and a real mix of flavour and, obviously, texture. What I think you’ll find most surprising is that the cookies were more soft than crunchy but actually, personally, I think this was better as the mix of hard chocolate and soft cookie was divine- also as these pieces are seemingly larger because they are more layered, I think a crunchy cookie would make it difficult to bite into and enjoy.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the dark chocolate side to the slab; normally I avoid dark chocolate as I just find it so bitter but, wanting to be as objective in writing my review as possible, I obviously wanted to try every single aspect of this chocolate- I have to say I’m so glad I did, I think I may be a convert. I found Hotel Chocolat’s dark chocolate more (sounds obvious) chocolatey without feeling like I had a spoonful of cocoa, it was more creamy and smooth, sweeter than any dark chocolate I’ve tried previously. We actually preferred the dark chocolate segments to milk (which is usually unheard of!)- this was actually a consensus amongst us all who tried it.

This slab is an unusual combination of being absolutely moorish and satisfying; it’s quite easy to resist the temptation to gorge the whole bar but at the same time looking forward to the next time you get a taste.

Triple Chocolate Wham Bam Slab– milk chocolate, caramel and white chocolate swirled together like a work of art, this is artisan chocolate at it’s best! Incredibly smooth, this is a melt in the mouth, delve into heaven kind  of chocolate.Hotel Chocolat Triple Chocolate Wham Bam

Each piece smooth but firm, dissolves into liquid and it’s at that point when the flavour hits; remaining with you until every last bit is gone. Each section brings a unique explosion of flavour that will appeal to all tastes and if you pick a piece that has a combination of all three, it’s sensory overload with each flavour competing for attention. Everyone will have different preference over favourite segments but personally, I loved the mellow white chocolate which is smooth, creamy and sweetly subtle tastes. 

Most would be quite scared by the vast amount of caramel chocolate with this slab as caramel can be quite potent, even sickly sweet. Rather, this caramel chocolate version is rich in flavour but smooth in taste and ever so slightly buttery; this section can be enjoyed in moderation.

This bar should come with a warning as the lust for chocolate euphoria could see the bar diminish in an instant. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Feature image by JD Hancock 

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