Personalised Art: A Step Further In Personalising Your Home

Posted on Jul 26 2017 - 2:07pm by Samantha Clark

In interior design when we talk of personal touches, this usually refers to painting & decorating, pictures, lighting, cushions and throws which can instantly transform a house into a home and make it feel more you. What we want to focus on today though is how you can make these personal touches more unique to you, to give a guest in your home a true insight into your lives and personalities. Not only will your home truly reflect on who you are but everywhere you go you’ll have constant happy memories associated with the pieces you choose.

On the wall

It takes a long time to build a collection of pictures, posters and art on the walls. But it’s often challenging to know where to start. Sometimes simply liking something is enough to justify its place in the home but whether you’re looking for something a little more personal to fill a space or be inspired on what to hang; we’ve certainly got some ideas:

We often associate a song with a particular memory, experience or time. Perhaps you’ve got a couples song, something from your wedding that you always treasure and love to hear; if so then personalised sheet music looks really lovely hung up on the wall. Something Wonderful Design, from notonthehighstreet also adds initials to the print to give it that extra special touch.

In the bedroom or bathroom, near a mirror for when you get ready, you could have hung your favourite quote as a constant reminder and a sense of courage anytime you need it. Here are some of our favourites:

  • It always seems impossible until it’s done
  • Life is tough my darling, but so are you
  • You can totally do this
  • If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself

If you do have a penchant for art, and a particular artist you love but cannot justify the hundreds or thousands on a genuine piece, print does look just as good and either the artist themselves or some other supplier will have print or canvas options at a more affordable price. If the artist is a favourite of yours you don’t need the genuine article, I have a number of prints from my favourite artist around the home that bring me as much happiness as a genuine piece.

Gallery photo

When it comes to photographs on the walls or in frames, we do have a particular liking to displaying them in a gallery format. Gallery walls look particularly great in the hallway adjacent to the stairs or as feature walls in living spaces. Speaking of gallery walls, you don’t have to just use photographs, we strongly encourage mixing in other pieces like ceramics, mirrors and letters.

As for other mementos; I came across metal and glass frames a few years ago, they come in a variety of sizes so you can hang all sorts of memories in these from photo booth pictures to posters and they add a touch of vintage, colour and simplicity to a decorating scheme. What I love most for these though is postcards. Often stored in memories boxes gathering dust, they display a gorgeous setting nicely whilst disclosing a very personal and touching message on the back that you can turn to and admire any time you want or need.


Strategically placed mementos are an easy way to include memories, experiences and those personal touches around the home. It could be shells you brought back from your beach holiday in Bali that sit in a dish in the bathroom; jugs, mugs, cutlery and other kitchen accessories that you picked up at a boutique market in New York; your child’s ceramic artwork by the fireside. These pieces never seem oddly out of character anywhere in the home and are completely ageless. Possible, in the instance of the shells, you could build the theme of a room around one or two pieces that you’ve collected along the way.



We can hold a lot of memory in a smell. Yet it is one aspect that is often neglected when it comes to personalised touches in the home. We’re all conscious that we want our homes to smell lovely so end up buying some generic scent at the supermarket or discount store but then we end up with our homes smelling like, well, everyone’s. But being more meticulous about our scent choices will instantly give our homes that individualistic taste.

You may decide to try and recreate a scent by memory. In which case, making your own reed diffuser can be a simple way to try this. They’re also brilliant at holding on to a scent and last a really long time too.  If you don’t fancy the fuss, Lily Flame and Yankee Candles are my favourite when it comes to finding a scent with memories associated with it. If you’re prepared for a rummage TK Maxx have a great selection of really unique and distinct fragrances to add that personal staple if you can’t find anything associated with a past experience.

Do you have any other ideas we may have missed?

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