Living a Life of Luxury- How to Recreate that Hotel feel at Home

Posted on Jun 14 2017 - 9:00am by Guest writer

By Holly Barry, @HJBarry

We all love staying in hotels, with that sense of luxury we just don’t get at home. Whether it’s the premium bedding, being spoilt by not having to make the bed or having to do any housework, hoovering or cooking. It’s a real treat to spend time away from our usual surroundings.

We all know how comfy those hotel robes and slippers are and the mini toiletries found in the luxurious spa-like bathroom always seem to be that little bit nicer than those we use at home. Hotel beds are especially sumptuous, with pillows galore, the most comfortable mattresses and soft, silky sheets, all designed for a great night’s sleep.

In an ideal world, we’d all like to enjoy hotel levels of comfort every night. However, it never seems very realistic with the demands of our jobs and families. When you head home after a long day at work, you’re often met with an unmade bed, cluttered living space and a less than sparkling bathroom – certainly not the hotel of your dreams. There are however some easy ways that you can bring that hotel feel into your own home, for a touch of everyday luxury every time you step through the front door.

Add that hotel feel to your interior design

You may not need a swipe card to access your own home, but some simple updates to your décor, lighting and soft furnishings can bring that hotel experience to life. Invest in your home and make it a place you’ll love to escape to every day, not just one week of the year.


The first place to bring that hotel feel to your home is with your hallway. Think how you feel when you step through the doors of a luxury hotel – it’s the establishment’s first opportunity to make an impression, so it’s likely to be striking. Usually you’ll find eye-catching floral arrangements, artwork and mirrors, alongside plush armchairs and sofas, all designed to create a warm welcoming atmosphere.

This is exactly what you’re looking to recreate in your own home and it’s simpler than you may think to achieve.

Start with a centerpiece. Depending on the size of your hallway, this could be a piece of artwork, a welcoming chair or a console table. If you have the space, a round table placed in the middle of your hallway makes a real statement. Dress the table with a large vase, a distinctive lamp or a sculpture and there you have it – a hallway that makes an impact every time you enter or leave your home.

fresh flowers


There’s nothing like the feeling of your feet sinking into plush carpet and this is certainly found in most luxury hotels.

Bring that deep-pile feel to your home with some easy flooring overhauls. A good place to start is by replacing your basic underlay with a deep alternative. This will add softness to your floor before you even consider your carpet.


Essential to bringing the hotel experience to life, a well-designed lighting scheme adds ambience to any room.  The use of high and low lighting, from ceiling chandeliers to floor lamps and side lights, creates a welcoming mood and can easily be adjusted to suit your requirements throughout the day.

Replace harsh overhead lighting with soft bulbs, controlled by a dimmer switch. This is perfect for your bedroom or living room, adding a soft, relaxing feel to the space. Spot-light artwork, photographs and prints hung up in your home with wall sconces and a matching pair of lamps either side of your bed make for that true hotel feeling.

Home lighting


When you’re looking to bring the hotel home, your bedroom is the first place to start.

Wake up to luxury each morning with the largest bed you can fit in your bedroom. Spend the most you can afford too on a mattress. Whether you prefer firm or soft, this is key to affirming a great night’s sleep, every night. For extra comfort, add a mattress topper, then plump pillows, sumptuous sheets and a down duvet. Layer on throws for warmth and style.

For a true hotel feel in your home – and if you have the space – place a small sofa or chaise longue at the bottom of your bed. Matching side tables with a pair of lamps, a full length cheval mirror and a deep wardrobe add to the effect. Finally, conceal your TV inside a cabinet or dresser.


For that true hotel feel, your bathroom should be a serene space. If you can, invest in a premium quality bath or shower, as this is the starting point for a hotel-level bathroom at home. Jacuzzi jets and rainforest shower heads will bring a sense of luxury to your morning shower or that relaxing bubble bath before bed.

Change your standard shower curtain for something a bit more luxurious and swap your towels for the softest, thickest designs you can find. Hang them on a heated towel rail for ultimate luxury.

Decant your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and bubble bath into beautiful dispensers, which will look much more stylish than their original bottles. Tidy away any bathroom clutter such as cleaning products and kids’ bath toys into stylish storage drawers or baskets.


Add that final touch with a fragranced reed diffuser for long lasting scent, and then light some scented candles, place them around the room and immerse yourself into a relaxing soak in the bath.

Finishing Touches

The pulled-together look and feel of a luxury hotel is all about the finishing touches.

From soft rugs placed on the floor to comfortable cushions on the sofa, it’s all about relaxation with sumptuous layers.

Add that hotel look with a throw draped over the arm of chair or across the bottom of your bed.  Combine blackout blinds with floor length curtains for a stylish way to dress your windows.

Striking artwork hung on your walls adds an element of style. From bold abstracts to subtle monochrome prints and portraits, hang as a single statement piece or grouped together to create a feature wall.

No luxury hotel is complete without a plethora of fresh flowers and striking floral arrangements. If you don’t want to invest in a bouquet or arrangement every week, house plants such as orchids and palms bring the hotel look into your home.

Live the hotel lifestyle at home

Being waited on and having your every need met in a hotel makes for a blissful change to your everyday routine. You can bring the luxury home with some small tweaks to your day to day schedule.

breakfast in bed

Take the pressure of constant housework away with a cleaner. They can bring that hotel sparkle to your kitchen and bathroom, plus those crisp hotel corners to your bed!

Treat your partner to breakfast in bed, or ask them to bring it to you for the ultimate treat. Take it in turns to cook and do the weekly shop so it feels like less of a chore.

So, the simple trick to living the life of luxury at home is to make use of your space and surroundings. If your belongings are starting to feel a little drab, put your earnings into making your space feel special rather than on usual spending’s such as clothes, food, make up and any outgoing bills. The more you invest in the look of your home, the more you’ll feel you won’t want to be away from it.

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