Interior Design Trends 2017

Posted on Mar 8 2017 - 4:00pm by Samantha Clark
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Whether you’re looking to completely transform your home or add a couple of touches to incorporate some of the key interior design trends for 2017, we’ve got the ideas to help you pull it off your way.

Greens of all varieties is the colour of the year.

Interior Design Trend 2017

Pantone, have declared green as the interior colour of the year. It is a colour we could all do with injecting into our lives at the moment with economic, political and social uncertainty as green is a colour that symbolises nature, rejuvenation, harmony, peace and safety. Incorporating green into our spaces, whether that’s paint, fabrics, wallpaper or decorative items will empower our spaces and in return us, giving us some much needed comfort and revitalisation.

Experiment with geometric and tropical patterns

Interior Design Trends 2017

Geometric candle holder

Palm print cushion

Pineapple storage pot

Skandi cushion

When it comes to pattern forms look to tropical and geometric prints. If you’re uncertain about using such bold prints and patterns on the walls or larger fabrics/furniture- though this does look striking against neutral tones- look to cushions or ornamental objects to incorporate the trend. When it comes to tropical, look for palm leaves, pineapples and flamingos. For complimenting colours, we’d suggest looking for golds, yellows, greens and sea blues.

Brass and marble live on.

marble brass

Here’s a trend we continue to welcome in from 2016 (probably the only good thing about the year) and I anticipate we will continue to adore this look for seasons to come. With this particular trend it is the combination of industrial meets natural that makes it so appealing. It’s modern but familiar and looks expensive but doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can incorporate this trend with fittings for the bathroom and kitchen to offer additional dimension and texture to these spaces. Look to finishing pieces such as soap trays, toothbrush holders, serving boards and vases for the marble trend and  lighting fixtures, copper toned saucepans hung proudly in the kitchen and shelving for the brass look.

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