In the home: artist recommendations

Posted on Aug 24 2016 - 3:17pm by Samantha Clark
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Nothing describes the identity of a person, couple or family more so than the furnishings of a home. Although trinkets, photographs and their frames, smells and books are somewhat easier to source and select, finding art you like can be truly tricky.

There’s many degrees of art when it comes to furnishing and decorating. You can blow your photographs onto canvases to capture truly memorable occasions, selecting a poster or picture you like from the homeware stores and hanging them up to theme your space or even hanging trinkets in various locations such as plates, jewellery and/or ornaments to showcase your personalities. Personally, I like to find artists not necessarily widely celebrated but whose art I am drawn to instantly for one reason or another, who produce such diverse and arguably one of a kind pieces to adorn the walls and I want to share some of my favourites. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be selecting an artist to focus on and give you a taste of their offering. Today, I’d like to present to you, Maurice Bishop.

WinterWhen I first discovered this local artist, it was at a Christmas event in the little village of Dunster, a village built around a castle dated back to the Norman period. His studio, in a little Elizabethan cottage with exposed beams, low ceilings was adorned with the most beautiful and detailed landscape art I’ve ever seen. Maurice seemingly sought inspiration from various locations across the country but most of his work resembled locations I am familiar with in the Somerset county. Since I’d first discovered him, he has expanded his talents to include illuminated canvases, animal art, romance series and most recently a rainbow.

Each Christmas I cannot wait to enter the enchanting cottage to see his latest piece and inevitably long for some new addition. It is possible to purchase his actual oil canvased artwork and although his actual works may not be affordable for all, he does have a canvas, print and postcard selection available so that everyone, deservedly, can own a piece of his tremendous art.

Personally, I own 7 of his pieces. 3 from the seascapes which hang over the headboard of my bed, one from the winter and rainbow series and two from the spiritual series. Although only poster or mounted print editions, it is of work that I love dearly and one day, if I am lucky, I’ll own one of his genuine pieces.

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