Hanging Baskets That Last All Year Round

Posted on Nov 7 2018 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

Hanging baskets make a lovely addition to any home. They give your home a taste of the country; add a touch of personalisation; display a range of flowers and foliage and all in an easy to manage container.

The disadvantage in most instances is the flowers within them are only seasonal; meaning we have to change them frequently or we’re left with dead plants until they flower again.

However, evergreen plants are, in our opinion, a better alternative as you’ll have some verdure all year long.  Making it less hassle, guaranteed to keep your home spritely and ultimately save waste- unless, of course, you’re going to re-plant deciduous plants or flowers in your garden.

Preparing your basket

Note: you should only really plant your evergreens in Spring or Autumn. As things are a little bit frosty now, I would say we’ve missed the best opportunity to plant our evergreens. Although they can withstand frost once planted, it won’t help them if they’re a new plant.

Save yourself time: and buy a basket pre-lined. These are still relatively cheap and will make the job a little easier on you. If you’d prefer to make your own, just use the moss from the lawn- you’ll need about an inch of this around the entire basket.

Fill your basket- with multipurpose compost with John Innes in; this will give the plants additional nutrients that will help them to grow big and strong. Allow space to place your plants


When it comes to arranging your baskets, you ideally want a focus piece and some trailing foliage.

Our favourite evergreen plants for hanging baskets include:

  • Sage- bunch together green and purple sage to make a shrub; lovely and fragrant too
  • Trailing Ivy-  to add a flowing effect
  • Gaultheria- As a focal point Gaultheria are beautiful plants with berries in different hues  

Looking for more inspiration, Royal Horticultural Society offers a guide to evergreen shrubs by size.

Place your pots in and around your basket and then firm in with soil over the top and then water well.


Thankfully evergreens don’t need much taking care of. They’re pretty resilient plants. But they will need watering, particularly if kept under shelter. In the summer, check the soil daily and in the winter every other/third day; if the soil feels dry, give it water. In the summer, mix in a soluble, all-purpose fertiliser with the water to give it some extra nutrients.

In addition, regularly deadhead your plants so that it can continue to thrive and cut back if growing too much.

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