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Posted on Apr 1 2017 - 2:02pm by Claire Herbaux

Last week I told you all about the giftwrapping workshop with Amanda White I went to.

If you followed it closely, you will know I haven’t given you many instructions. But they are coming now. Today, you are getting three gift wrap ideas for the most common gifts.

You can give it a try over Easter, with some beautiful pastel coloured paper and decorations. So, what are we learning today? The three basics: giftcards, bottles (yes, the scary bottles), and boxes.


They are an easy gift – pick a shop they like, and they have the opportunity to pick whatever they like. But it does always seem a little thoughless (when actually, the thought is to give then the chance t pick the perfect gift). If you wrap it the right way, it will look fantastic and show the effort you made.

We used pages of a colouring book (yes, the one you swore you would do a couple of years ago when they first came out and have only coloured in two pages). You could also use any other paper you find pretty. Why not a magazine page, if you it’s a gift card for a clothes shop or for makeup?

These are simply pages folded into a bag, glues at the back and bottom (use double-sided tape for a neater look), and a ribbon to close it at the top. Simple, yet effective!

Don't these look beautiful?

Don’t these look beautiful?


Wrapping paper around an object is the crucial part of gift wrapping. Even if you don’t feel confident enough to move away from your wrapping paper and bow yet, you can apply this method (and practise) with every gift you wrap. Most items are in boxes or in squared shapes (books, dvds, perfume, makeup, some jewellry), and if it’s not, get a cardboard box and pop it inside!

For it to look tidy, you need to remove as much excess paper as possible.

Step 1 is to only cut off the paper you need. And there is an easy trick to measure it. You need enough paper to once round the gift (with an inch or so to overlap. (That you probably know.) How to measure the sides is to have just enough to go just over half-way up the side of the present. That’s it. That easy.

And to really remove any excess paper, take a look at how Amanda finishes the sides:

how to wrap a box


Wrapping bottles is scary. Once you know how to do it, it is less scary, but my oh my is it stressful. I felt tense all the way through with the pressure of making it look good and not to let go a moment too early.

Here a the basics of wrapping a bottle: Take cellophane and cut it so the sides easily reach the bottle neck. layer it with tissue paper (two overlapping sheets are fine, even if it sticks out past the cellophane a little. Place the bottle in the middle and pull up two sides to the bottle neck (the straight ones, not diagonal, as I always did instinctively). And now starts the tense part: You need to add small creases (or pleats or folds). Call it what you like, but pull on the top end of your paper whilst avoiding to pull on the tissue paper and risk tearing, so the paper starts hugging around the bottle. The skill is to make it tight, without ripping it, and not letting go until you have made your way all around. That’s when you grab a small ribbon and tie it tightly around the bottle neck to secure it. Once it’s secured, you can let go, breathe, get a shoulder massage and start decorating.

Take a look at how the pro did it:

how to wrap a bottle

But if you take a look at the Giftfrippery instagram you will see that it is just the beginning of what you can do with your gift wrapping. I am not in a place to tell you any more though, you may need to go and see the professional herself!

Happy wrapping!

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