Get The Most Of Your Candles With Our Interior Tips

Posted on Mar 22 2017 - 4:00pm by Samantha Clark
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Who doesn’t love candles? They create ambiance, they make your home distinctly yours and have the power to impact on your mood- In my office I keep a St Eval Grapefruit and Lime candle close by to help keep me feeling energised, focused and inspired. But there is nothing worse than a candle you love going to waste- yet so much of the wax seems to get left behind regardless of how many wicks.

Cue- Candle Hacks!

Freeze it:

Ideal for all candle holders (metal or glass) and a great technique to use the jar again. If you’re looking to reuse the wax, see the heating option below.

It turns out that when candles are placed in the freezer, it shrinks making it an ideal and easy way to get out the last bits of wax:

  • Place on a steady surface in the freezer (such as draw or shelf)
  • Leave for at least 30 minutes- depending on how much wax is in there this could be all the time it takes.
  • Push on the side of the wax and it should move quite freely. If not, pop back in the freezer or if loose enough, use a knife to pop it out.
  • Discard the wax and clean out the pot to use again (though you can use the technique below to create new candles!).

Heat it:

Ideal for candles in class votives or jars. With this technique you can reuse the wax in your candles to create little wax melts (perfect for the oil burner style holders), new tealights or combining your waxovers to create a unique larger candle.

Make sure you open windows and do this in a well vented area as the fragrance of the candle can be overbearing.

For large jars:

  • Place your candle jar in a large saucepan and fill with water up to where the wax is.
  • Place on a low-medium heat until the wax has completely melted
  • Once completely melted, drain the water away and using oven proof gloves, carefully pour the melted wax into a silicone cupcake case and allow to cool (make sure you remove the metal wick end carefully- you’ll no longer need this)
  • Turn the cupcake case out and use your new recycled candle.

For small votives:

  • Go for the freezing option to release the wax from the small jar.
  • Once the wax has been freed, remove the wick holder from the wax and discard
  • Transfer the wax to a larger heat proof container and follow the instructions for the larger jars or alternatively place in a sink and using the hot water from the sink or kettle will work the same but does take longer.
  • Once melted create the wax melts as above or transfer to wick a jar to create larger candles

Yankee candle have some excellent tips on getting an even burn from your candles and other burning tips.

Do you have any top tips on using all the wax from a candle?

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