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Posted on Jul 1 2015 - 3:48pm by Samantha Clark
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When summertime rolls around we want to spend every opportunity basking in glorious sunshine, not just because we live in England and it’s pretty hard to come by, but because it makes us feel good; it lifts our moods, gives our skin a gorgeous glow and most of all, some of the best memories are created in summer. Don’t you find that everyone is just more social and relaxed?

So if you’re looking to host, or make the most of your outdoor living spaces this summer then look no further. Here is our two part feature on some of our top tips, recipes and shopping guides to making the most of your summer at home.

Transform your living space- setting the scene.

Whether you have a balcony, patio space or a garden- it’s the little touches that make all the difference. For years we’ve been saying that we need to do something with the end of the garden as it was just an eyesore- shovelling a ton (almost) of stones through the house was no fun task (saved a day at the gym at least) but it instantly transformed the entire garden. We’ve added solar lights, furniture and a few ornamental pieces for the finishing touches- most importantly, we’ve got a fire burner for the colder nights (there’s something magical about sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows don’t you think?).

Here are just some images of the back of our garden now- if you’re interested in the pieces we’ve got, I’ve tried to find the exact same, if not a replica of what can be found in our garden, all shoppable below.

  1. Wooden duck, dcuk
  2. Glass lantern,
  3. Garden furniture: Dual chairs with built in table, B&M’sseat pads in cream, Argos,  parasol, Argos.
  4. Wood burner, B&M’s 

Smaller spaces such as a balcony:

Use the space above your head too- rather than table lanterns why not have hanging ones. As well as solar lights on the railings, you could have them dangling, like stars falling from the sky!

  1. Bistro sets such as this one from Argos is perfect for smaller spaces- ‘coffee on the terrace darling!’
  2. For those colder nights, wrap up with a gorgeous throw
  3. Want to add lighting? Create a twinkle with these solar lights– would look great around the railings!
  4. Lanterns are great for setting a scene- we love the contrast of these rustic wooden lanterns to the mainstream metallic ones.
  5. Trolleys such as this one from IKEA are ideal for storage, to use for decoration (think potted plants and candles) and/or perfect for hosting (think canapés and cocktails!).

Patio spaces:

Think potted plants and floral arrangements. If you’d prefer to have your dining on the patio, why not opt for a metal dining set or a wooden set with bench style seats?

  1. Rustic planters filled with hydrangeas will instantly transform a space and vibrancy. You could possibly find something similar in a vintage shop too!
  2. If lounging is your thing then what about this teak furniture set? Plump cushions will make it super comfortable
  3. Create a little warmth at night with a clay chimenea– will look great in the corner of the patio!


Just want to spread out? You’ll want comfort then! Just think pillows, blankets, throws & beanbags!

  1. Want to just spread out? You’ll love this White Company outdoor mattress– it’s padded for ultimate comfort
  2. Staying low to the ground- you’ll want your drinks within easy reach- this Sainsbury’s Moroccan style table is perfect!
  3. Rather be off the ground? How about a hammock? Don’t have a tree to hang it from? You’ll just need a stand!

Want to do a bit of DIY?-

As always Pinterest is here to provide inspiration! Keep up with our garden likes by following our Garden Living pinterest board.

Do you have some ideas our readers would like to hear? We’d love to hear from you

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