For The Best Advice When It Comes To Houseplants

Posted on Jan 11 2017 - 5:31pm by Samantha Clark
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House of plantsI find the prospect of keeping house plants quite daunting. Any prior experience does not bode well in my favour, and certainly not in favour of the plants I keep, indoors or out. But I like how plants add character to a space and make a house seemingly more so lived in than just people and pets. They add vibrancy, colour and well, life. They’re living and breathing after all. So keen to brush up on my knowledge, I jumped at the chance to take a look at House of Plants by Caro Langton and Rose Ray.

This book is brilliant whether you’re a novice or have a little or large amounts of experience with plants. It’s a breadth of the research they’ve done, taking all the painstaking fears and uncertainties of owning or growing your plant collection.  And they cover all manners of plant growing; from temperature, climate and preferred locations in the house to feeding, pruning and the types of containers the plants like and includes when it’s time and how to re pot. It’s a quintessential guide to plant keeping. What’s more, the common ailments section is particularly helpful if you’re concerned something is going wrong with your plant. They provide insight into common concerns, what is perhaps causing it and how you can resolve it, peace of mind at last. And even if it does seem like the plant might be on it’s last legs (apparently a common cause of death is overwatering), they provide a really useful, and easy, guide on leaf cutting to help you start again.

House of plants 2Primarily, you do think the book looks more tropical plants but it’s certainly not all cacti and in fact you’ll find some very common house plants in there. A further use of the book is if you’re given a plant as a gift, it’s worth referring to the index to see if your plant is amongst them so you can better understand its needs and to help it thrive as much as possible.  Furthermore, they offer some ideas on  and they consider all kinds of living spaces and lifestyles so if you’re concerned you have very little space or even an abundance that you simply don’t know where to start or perhaps you’re a globetrotter concerned with watering and maintenance, whatever your concern, I’d be pretty sure they’ve covered it.

If you thought that was all, they also cover seeding to help you grow your own avocado, mango and lychees as well taking cuttings so you can share your plants with your friends and families to help them develop their planteriors. But in particular, I love the ‘You Create’ segments where they supply you with tried and tested projects to give further dimension to your plants and I can’t wait to try the tropical glasshouse terrarium.

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