Deck the halls: Our alternative interiors guide to Christmas.

Posted on Nov 30 2016 - 5:13pm by Samantha Clark
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Tomorrow is the 1st of December, the first day of advent and in modern tradition, the day we put the tree up (did you know though that historically, the day the tree went up was actually Christmas Eve?). Although, being that it is particularly wintery this year, many have already done so or some, especially those that have a real tree, wait a little longer. Whatever the case, we wanted to share some of our decoration inspirations to help prepare you for the festive season.

Window displays

This is something new I am trying out this year and I am already impressed with the results. In using suction cupped hooks, I am adorning decorations ordinarily used for the tree as a window feature. Specifically, I am a little bit in love with snowflakes and stars for a wintery nights theme. I am also lining the windows with lights for an extra sparkle.


Star decoration

Wire string lights

Wool snowflake

Sparkly snowflake

From the ceiling

I came across these hanging snowflakes in Ikea a month or two ago and I fell in love! Perfect to hang from light fixtures, velux roof windows or even the window frame itself to create that illusion of falling snow. They’re not particularly large so pair with some homemade snowflakes to create a greater feature- there are may great tutorials on Youtube that you can follow, this one looks particularly simple and beautiful:

A warming atmosphere and the smell of Christmas

Christmas lanternsDouble the use of your lanterns by adding LED wax candles– for safety and long lasting power (seemingly seems more warming too) and add scatterings of pot pourri- we love the smell of the winter spice! Place your lanterns around fireplaces, on coffee tables, window sills, the options are endless and really create a woodland Christmas vibe.

If you’d like to check out our window display, take a look at our Instagram page: @anythinggoesl

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