Cooking Guide: Complimentary Conversion Chart

Posted on Jul 18 2018 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

We’ve created this super handy cooking/baking conversion guide for you, our lovely readers.

It includes the various oven temperatures; weight into grams(g), ounces (oz) and cups (for American recipes). As well as fluid measurements in milliliters (mls), teaspoons (tsp), tablespoons (tbsp), ounces and pints (pts). Whether working from a UK recipe or one from round the world, this should be a handy guide for you to refer to if you’re working with a measurement you’re unfamiliar with.

Simply right click on the image below and save to phone to refer to time and time again.

Or you save it that way and email it to yourself to print (or share around) or simply download our PDF version here:

Conversion chart

With your new conversion guide, why not check out our recipes segment. We’ve over 200 recipes for you to try; from cocktails to desserts and everything in between. Build your confidence in the kitchen and get experimenting. Why not invite your friends or family over for a dinner party for something a little different?

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