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Summer certainly feels like a more sociable time of year. If you’re planning on hosting a party, BBQ or simply have friends over for dinner during the summer months, we’ve compiled a hosting essentials guide with a few of our favourite high street picks!

Matching dinnerware

Where possible, it’s always more pleasing to the eye if you have matching dinnerware for a dinner party. Though we know, especially with little ones around, there is likely to be a cup or plate that’s had an incident. To help you switch pieces in and out, we recommend selecting a neutral dinner set so they can easily be replaced or subbed if something should break. Even if your set gets discontinued, you’re more likely to find something equally complimentary.

Serving wares for hosting

Rather than plate a meal up, we prefer to use serving ware to allow our guests to chose what they’d like to eat and how much- its excellent hosting etiquette. The beauty of doing it this way too is it allows you to use any leftovers up over the next couple of days too.  Consider cheese boards and knives, platters to present your foods, salad bowls and cutlery as just some of the items you may need or want when hosting a dinner party.

Dining inside vs. outside

When the weather is lovely, of course we love to eat al fresco and if you’re BBQing, it’s essential, surely. However, when we eat outside, we need to be mindful of insects and pests and of course breakages.

If you do eat outside, it may be wise to serve things up on plastic so you can rest assured your wedding china won’t get ruined. Or certainly this should be an option for your younger guests.

You may decide to keep certain foods inside too if you’re worried about ants or wasps. Or it may be wise to get some food protectors or arrange scents around your table to deter pests.

Also, space may be a factor. You may want to keep the garden as a social space so the parents can eat together whilst the children play outside.

One thing is for sure, there are plenty of options to dining styles when it comes to summer.

Themed dining

You may want to make your dinner party a themed occasion. Perhaps you’re going to make paella and margaritas for a Spanish themed dinner; or cook up some pasta and garlic bread for an Italian meal or maybe you’re having a good old-fashioned BBQ, garden party style. If you do, why not take it a little further with a little decoration, just to set the mood.

Dinner party

Possible themes:

  • Garden party– does what it says on the tin. It is a party that takes place in the garden. Typically, when we think garden party, we think lawn games, bunting, picnics, afternoon teas and BBQs.
  • Spanish- Paella and margaritas are a good place to start. When it comes to décor, you could have linens in rich red, oranges and yellows with bunting to match. You may even decide to have a pinata for a little fun.
  • Hawaiian– when the weather is gorgeous, a Hawaiian themed event is fitting. Have blow up palm trees, flower garlands and grass tassled tables to feel a little more festive.

You can always make your drinks and music themed too! Just be sure to have some non-alcohol mocktails or soft drinks on hand for the little ones and those designated drivers. As for your music, just be sure its nothing offensive or too loud- you don’t want neighbours making a complaint. In fact, if its likely to turn into a party, it may be courteous to pop by and just let them know your intentions. It helps to keep a healthy relationship.

If you’re looking for some food or drink inspiration, we’ve plenty of recipes on site just waiting to be explored! We’ve shared a few of our favourite below for you to browse.

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