Written in collaboration with Rosana Beechum

When moving to a large city such as Brisbane, which happens to be the largest in the country, it can be overwhelming to think about which services you may need close by, let alone finding a dentist. But it’s important to remain vigilant with the task of sourcing these services, as you may find that some aren’t close by to your home, and if you hadn’t arranged for a membership at these places already, you might find that you’ll need to do a bit of searching and travelling to find one for you. Here, we’ve listed some important, and commonly sought-after services that you should do your best to locate when living here in Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

General practitioners

Doctor Consultation

Of course, most people have a local GP to visit, but finding the right one for you is different. If all that matters to you is the distance from your home, choose whichever is the easiest to get to. But if you’re a bit more interested in finding a quality, reputable doctor, it may be worth doing some more research. Of course, you’ll have to figure out everything from what sort of coverage you get via Medicare to whether it’s cost-effective getting to that particular practice or not. Remember, having a GP is very important, as registering when you desperately need to see them due to illness or pain is going to make the whole process much more laborious.

Dentistry professionals

Why go to the dentist

Similar to having a GP, make sure you are registered with a dentist. It’s far better to be registered and not need them than not to be registered and need an appointment due to severe tooth pain, for example. There are many dentists around Brisbane, but we highly recommend finding a quality service like Pure Dentistry. Remember, most dental care in Australia isn’t covered by Medicare, and therefore you’re going to have to pay, no matter where you choose. With that in mind, it’s best to choose one that is reputable and offers quality services to ensure you’re getting the best treatments possible, whether it’s dental implants or fillings.


Another service that Medicare doesn’t cover are things like physiotherapists. Today, many people struggle with physical pain due to injuries from accidents and sport to poor posture from sitting at their desks for too long. Finding a quality physio in your area is a great idea if you’re someone that struggles with this sort of pain and discomfort or are prone to sporting injuries. Even if you aren’t registering with one, it’s important to know where they are should the need arise.

Mental health services

Another thing that lots of us have to deal with today is negative mental health. Disorders such as anxiety and depression are incredibly prevalent in today’s society. Having the means to deal with these problems hastily is very important, whether for you or a family member. There are countless mental health services in and around Brisbane for you to make use of, so make you and your loved ones aware of the support that’s out there. Leaving this sort of assistance to the last minute can bring about many other complications, similar to leaving physical conditions alone.

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