Exercise is really important for your overall health and mental wellbeing, even when you’re in isolation or choosing to self-isolate. For when you can’t go to the gym (and we’d encourage you not to go), it can be difficult to know what to do when you don’t have any equipment at home to work with. So, we’ve come up with some alternative ideas to ensure you can keep up with your exercise routine at home.

You can go out for walks

You can still go outside and walks are actively encouraged. You just need to stay 6ft away from other people. If you’re in a rural area, take advantage of all the open spaces and go for a lengthy walk. If you’re somewhat limited on space, you can always go around the block. It’s really important that we continue to get fresh air and doses of vitamin D so taking a walk is a really good option.


If you are exhibiting any symptoms though, this shouldn’t be an option at this time (sorry!).

Top tip:

You need to take safety measures leaving your home though if you live in an apartment as anything could have been touched by a person carrying the virus! Carry anti-bacterial wipes with you and disinfect handles as you come and go, use your elbow to open the doors where you can. You should also sanitise your hands once outside and be sure to wash your hands as soon as you get back home.

Get the games console out

If you’ve got big kids (husbands and partners) or little kids in the house, you’re sure to have a games console.

Just Dance for the Xbox, Wii and PS4 is a great way to get some aerobic exercise in and it’s a fun way to do it too! You can also learn some admired dance routines in the process and it’s something the kids will be happy to get involved with as well (they love repetition). If you don’t have one of these consoles, you can access Just Dance Now via a smart TV and smartphone instead.


It doesn’t cost a thing and you can do this anywhere, any time. It’s particularly important to stretch frequently if you’re in the same position for long periods of time. As we’re all likely to move around a lot less, be sure to schedule in frequent stretching breaks. We’d recommend at least 10 minutes in the morning, a couple of seconds to stretch the larger limbs as and when you’re getting up during the day and at least another 10-15 minutes before bed.


You could even turn it into a challenge. Determine how flexible you are at the start of isolation and see how much that improves over the 2-week period.

Take an online class

The NHS have shared lots of studio fitness videos so you can exercise at home. They include aerobic exercise, strength and resistance and Pilates and yoga- with no equipment required. There is lots of variations in the routines and for varying stages.

Most of these are provided by InstructorLive and they’ve over 150 different classes that you can try and get involved with. Looking for more inspiration when it comes to online classes? verywellfit have shared a “best picks” guide based on the kind of exercise you like to do.

Whether you have equipment at home or not, don’t worry, there are plenty of online videos made just for you!

Household chores

You can also burn a fair few calories and build strength by just doing your household chores. And it’s a great way to stay active. Spread the tasks out and conduct a more thorough clean while in isolation to keep you occupied too. Be sure to stay on top of housework and stick to your routine when isolating- it’s vital for mental health.


How many calories can you expect to burn?

  • Sorting out the washing, folding it, putting it away and ironing can burn between 100- 300 calories
  • Dusting around the house will burn around 150 calories
  • Hoovering and mopping floors can burn an incredible 500 calories
  • As for cleaning the bathroom, you can burn up to 300 calories

Who says housework doesn’t pay?

How are you planning on exercising whilst in isolation? We hope these ideas have helped but if you’re looking for some more fitness ideas or just ideas on what to do in isolation in general, check out our other reads below.

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