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Artwork can create attraction, interest, as well as a focal point in a room. But instead of just being a space filler, the art that you choose to don your walls can also create a sense of purpose, evoke strong emotions and feelings as well as communicate your personality to a visitor. Although you can simply choose a piece that grabs your attention, it’s best to think of the overall function of a room, who will be using the space and what you want that wall art to say. Here, we look at how you can use and choose prints to suit your home and style.

How prints can create that sense of purpose for a room

The bedroom is a perfect example. The primary function of a bedroom is sleep. There have been endless studies that highlight the importance of having a space that is conducive to a good nights’ sleep, which often entails having window dressings that block light, reducing your contact with screens at least one hour before bed, and how the overall environment should be calming, which can be done through colour and scent. For young children, who in particular can take a little encouragement to settle, you can use artwork to create an environment which can help them to relax and feel comfortable. When selecting artwork, it can help to pick something with enough interest that uses calming colours, or combined with a scenery that helps them to focus on the shapes and stories they can imagine, which can help soothe them to sleep. You could even get them involved in selecting a print that they find interesting; a canvas would be a good choice as there are no sharp corners and particularly if they’re at an age where their interest extends to touching.  

Another example is a guest bedroom; if decorating a guest bedroom, you don’t want the space to be feel too personal or filled with trinkets from your past; it may create a sense of discomfort for your guests sleeping under pictures of loved ones, or toys from your childhood, because where else would you store them as an adult? Prints can be a great way to create a sense of interest, without being overly stimulating. The abstract watercolour prints at DESENIO, in particular, are enchanting; you can get lost in trying to place meaning to the picture, which in turn creates a sense of calm in your mind and will help your guests to settle gently to sleep.

Top tip: The Watercolour Scenery No1 and No2 would look great side by side in a neutral shade or natural wood frame either above the bed or on the opposite wall; conveniently you can get frames from DESENIO which also ensures the correct sizing for your picture. They come in a variety of sizes so are sure to have something to suit the space you have, but if space is limited, you could place one in a corner with a small chair to create a calming reading nook.

Using prints is a cost-effective way to experiment with different art styles

When decorating any space, it can be daunting to play with bold colours and ornaments, particularly when it can be an expensive undertaking. However, through the use of prints, you can experiment with different styles of art, colours and themes without feeling overwhelmed by the designs or feel that it’s too expensive to achieve. Not only can you play with the style, but you have a lot of flexibility in sizing – frames included, and colour too.

You may want to incorporate some classical or world-renowned artwork into your home from the likes of William Morris, Hilma af Klint, Matisse, Banksy, or Heather Perry, whose funky pop art collection is seen below. Perhaps you’re keen to play with bold illustrations, or build on an existing interest, something nautical or nature themed. You could even take inspiration from the Studio Collections; a collection of photo-based wall art that were taken by the in-house team, who travel the world to capture these unique and interesting shots. Whatever the purpose of your room, there is plenty of inspiration and choice to help you experiment with different colours and styles, and even have pieces you love but may otherwise have not had the opportunity to own. As and when you want to re-decorate, you don’t need to completely reinvest in furniture, ornaments, or even paint, you can simply change the artwork to transform your room. It makes it an easier and more cost-effective option to keep up with trends that you find of interest and want to bring into your home.

Creating a focal point within a room

A piece of artwork on its own can be quite striking. It can draw curiosity and interest for sure, but if you’re wanting to create a wow factor in a room, a gallery wall is a playful and interesting way to display artwork and can showcase the theme of the room, your key interests, and provide a focal point within the space.

Top tip: Focal point is a key concept in interior design. The focal point of a room is what the eye is drawn to the minute you walk in. Often, this can be a piece of furniture, like the bed in the bedroom, a fireplace, or even the TV in a living room.

In multi-purpose rooms, such as a living room/playroom or dining room/office, you can use this technique to draw attention away from certain aspects, such as a computer, or storage boxes of toys. Or, you can also use this technique to enhance the appearance of the common focal features like the bed and TV. A gallery wall is an effective way and an ideal solution to creating a wow focal point, whilst distracting from elements of a room you’re trying to hide.

Equally, we love a gallery wall as a simple mechanism to combine different pieces and pictures without overwhelming a space.

It can be a little daunting to design your first gallery wall but DESENIO have made this an effortless undertaking; you can take inspiration from their curated collection of gallery walls, or you can head to their Gallery Wall Tool where they’ll help you to create a bespoke collection of your favourite pieces in a unique arrangement. As and when you’re ready to get it up on the wall, take a look at our gallery wall guide which outlines the steps to take before hanging it up.

Check out some examples of the DESENIO gallery walls we love from Instagram below.

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