For most of us, as of the 1st of January we get a reset on our holiday allowance. If this is you, this is a must-read guide. We show you how you can use the bank holidays to maximise your time off this year.


The Easter Bank Holiday falls on the 10th-13th of April this year. If you book the 6th-19th off, you’ll get 16 days out of the office by using just 8 days holiday.


We get two bank holidays either side of the month. Usually these fall on the first Monday of the month and the last Monday of the month. But in 2020, this first bank holiday, which marks VE (Victory on Europe) day, is a big anniversary, celebrating 75 years. As such, the bank holiday is moved to the actual date of Victory in Europe which is the 8th of May, taking place in 2020 on a Friday.

You could use 4 days holiday (between the 4th-7th) and take a week off or just take the Monday 11th off for a long weekend to save your holiday for another time.

For the second May Bank Holiday, which falls on the 25th of May, use 4 days to take that week off or again (26th-29th) or take Friday the 22nd off for a long weekend.


We have quite a few bank holidays in the first part of the year and have to wait a while for next which takes place in August. We only get the one, on Monday 31st of August.

If you don’t have children, take the week of the 31st off by using 4 days holiday. Most schools are back in session on the 1st and 2nd so you may find yourself a good deal on a break away.


It may seem bonkers to even consider next December but if you have to use holiday for the Christmas period, and the office still needs to be staffed, you need to get in there fast. December is the perfect time to take advantage of the bank holidays and a nice long extra break, especially as, if the bank holiday falls on a weekend (like it does in 2020!), you get that day back in the week.

Here’s how you can maximise your holiday in December.

Take 21st-24th and 29th-31st. You’ll only use 7 days holiday but you’ll not be in the office for 16 days! Sounds heavenly doesn’t it. But let’s not wish the year away!

How do you like to use/break up your holiday allowance for the year? If you’re looking to getaway this year, we show you how to find the best deals– check it out below.

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