We often have a focus on split ends when it comes to taking care of our hair. Many of us see this as a marker of whether hair is healthy or not. But to ensure you have healthy hair, you need to be taking care of it from the root, where other signs of hair healthy lurk. We help you to spot signs of damage and how you can take care of and maintain healthy hair.

If you’re concerned about split ends or how to combat them, take a look at our dedicated guide to banishing split ends!

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How to keep your scalp clean and clear

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. The scalp needs to be clear, clean and healthy to allow for healthy hair follicles to come through. If there are problems at the scalp, the strands have no hope. So it’s important to address any underlining conditions. If you suffer with dandruff, dry or itchy scalp, this will need to be treated first or at least under control.

As for general maintenance, the focus is on clean skin and hydrated follicles.

Much like your face and body, your scalp is prone to spots, build up of dead skin cells and dryness. As it has more glands than other areas of the body, you produce more sweat and oils and with the barrier of hair, you’re more likely to get a buildup.

A scalp exfoliator will effectively remove build up of dead skin cells and products (that shampoo can’t), and nourish the scalp leaving it much healthier. It’s recommended that you use an exfoliator once a week for a thorough cleanse. However, if you wash your hair daily, or every other day, you can probably get away with having this treatment fortnightly or once a month.

In addition, we’d also recommend introducing a nourishing scalp treatment monthly. We love Kiehl’s Magic Elixir which is a luxurious, silky oil, specifically formulated to promote a well conditioned scalp and more manageable, healthy hair. It is jam packed with super oils, Vitamins and Omega-6 Fatty acids to help moisturise, revitalise and nourish hair and scalp. It has a wonderful spa smell that’s refreshing and comforting. It’s a perfect treatment to do at the end of a very stressful day. You’ll instantly feel uplifted and relaxed.

Scalp massage

Splitting your hair into sections to make sure you get good coverage of your scalp, apply to your fingertips and massage the product directly into the scalp in circular motions. Pay particular attention to around the forehead, ears and base of your head for relaxation purposes.

Pull the excess oil through the mid-sections with a little tug as you go. Don’t forget a dedicated dollop for the ends to give them a little treat too.

Wrap your hair in a warm towel for 10 minutes to allow maximum penetrative benefits. Rinse thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner and style as normal.

You’ll notice instant results from this treatment. The scalp feels instantly hydrated and the hair follicles feels softer. The combination of the scalp massage will have you feeling lighter than air!

Did you know?

A daily scalp massage can encourage your hair to grow, as well as relieving tension. Bear in mind this will make the hair become greasy faster. If you don’t wash your hair daily, massage your scalp for a few minutes before shampooing instead.

Top tip

If your hair is particularly greasy or you’ve used quite a lot of product recently, do two washes with shampoo to fully clean the roots and effectively allow the hair to start afresh.

How to take care of treated and coloured hair

Are you a frequent bleach/colour user? Find that your hair is dry and damaged? Do you feel like it’s beyond repair? It isn’t.

Bleached hair

Keratin is the protein that constitutes the main structure of our hair. It’s what gives our hair super strength so it’s super important we take care of it. Aggressive colouring and styling will weaken the hairs structure and leads to a loss of moisture, pigmentation (colour), manageability and shine. Taking care of our hair will not only help in the short term but it’ll help to slow down your hairs ageing process, ensuring it is healthy and happy for longer.

Kératase Résistance Thérapiste considers the KAPs (keratin associated proteins) which represent 50% of the hair fibre and is responsible for linking and bonding the proteins together, keeping the hair fibre intact. The hair becomes damaged when the KAPs disappear and cause the fibre to collapse. This range has an exclusive compound designed to compensate the lack of KAPs that have been damaged by colouring and styling.

Kératase have determined different routines for differing degrees of damage. The Résistance Thérapiste Collection focuses on severely damaged/over-processed hair. If you think your hair is just weakened or has minimal damage, the Résistance range is best. Or if your hair has just gone a bit flat, the Volumifique range can help.

Keratase Therapiste Range

After use it’ll feel so soft (like incredibly silky), you’ll be too scared to use any kind of heat on it (I know I did!) but you needn’t fear, the Serum Thérapiste will protect your hair up to 230ºc! However, I found when I tried it that a blow dry was sufficient and no further styling was required and continued to feel smooth and soft for several days after. I also found that I could use a supermarket shampoo and conditioner for my following wash and the effects of this treatment were still evident.

If your hair is severely damaged, I would recommend using this treatment for a couple of weeks, every other day to help restore some of its health. If your hair is in good condition, the Thérapiste range is great as a weekly/bi-weekly treatment to keep it healthy and hydrated.

How to protect your hair when styling it

second day blow dry

I find it beneficial to use damage prevention products whether I am using a hairdryer, straightener, styling or not. By keeping the mid-sections and ends hydrated with a serum, balm or oil, I’m protecting the hair follicle and limiting any potential damage- even damage that can be caused just by brushing.

I’d recommend the Aveda Damage Remedy which is a leave in product with conditioning qualities. It aids in detangling, protects the hair when heat styling and keeps your locks hydrated- it’s a super all in one. Place a blob in your fingers, rub your hands together and smooth from mid-lengths to ends and style as normal.

If your hair feels parched after styling, I’d recommend teaming it with Aveda Dry Remedy Oil which is an oil based product that instantly moisturises dry and brittle hair. You only need 2-3 drops and it can be used on dry or damp hair, it’ll last ages too.

Don’t forget about SPF

When it comes to hair care, it’s very much about preventative measures rather than being reactive to hair problems. The sun can dry your hair out, discolour it, and when we combine that with chlorine and wind it’s no wonder we can’t get a brush through it and have to work on serious damage control.

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