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Layering jewellery continues to be on-trend and an effortless and easy way to showcase your individual style and mood. Plus, jewellery should be seen and it means you can wear more of your gorgeous pieces in one go, rather than having to keep them hidden in your jewellery box. If you’re new to layering jewellery and a bit unsure of how to start layering and mixing pieces, you aren’t alone. Here, we share some simple style tips that can help you make the most of your jewellery and look great doing it.

Chain lengths

The key to layering jewellery is establishing a hierarchy- you don’t want all of your pieces to sit at the same length. Not only does it look chaotic but could actually damage any precious gemstones. It’s always best to ensure that you work with different chain lengths so you can avoid any clashes – you want each piece to be a distinctive feature.

As for how many, that’s up to you! If you’re new to layering, start with two to get a feel for the different lengths and combinations you can create, how it changes the look of an outfit and how many chains you feel works best with different necklines. You can always build up as you get more comfortable but we’d recommend no more than 4 chains at any one time as you want to allow sufficient space for each piece.

Different combinations for layering your jewellery

You can use multiple elegant pieces to create a more uniformed look and mix any of your charms to elicit details of your personality. Such as an initial of your name, your favourite gemstone or pendant.

But don’t feel you have to go minimalist or define yourself to a uniformed look if you don’t want to. Layering your jewellery should be a complete reflection of you. You could use a bolder piece as a striking feature paired with daintier pieces or use different thickness of chains to create a look that compliments your style, your outfit, or the occasion.

Playing with colour and accessories

Don’t be afraid to use different coloured chains as well as thickness. Although there is this inherent belief you can’t wear gold or rose gold with silver or platinum, it’s not true. The different metals complement each other well and make them each stand out against each other and the result is really quite striking.

Colour can also be in the gemstones and charms you use to adorn the pieces you wear. Pearls that are naturally iridescent can look a multitude of different colours in different lights. This can help to compliment your outfit or add a touch of colour to black attire.

As for charms, try mixing and matching to different chains in a way that you like; you may find that a different chain, to the one if came with, works better with the look you’re trying to achieve. Be experimental to create a truly individual look. 

Layering your rings & bracelets too

It’s not just your necklaces you can layer but your bracelets and rings too, and we’d encourage you to do so.

Like with your necklaces, playing with different sizes and thickness of chains or wearing multiples of the same piece has always been a great way to accessorise your wrists- who hasn’t worn multiple bangles? Now is the time to get yourself some timeless, classic pieces you can comfortably wear all the time and with all of your outfits.

Additionally, layering or stacking rings has grown in popularity over the years. You can mix gemstones, layer the same piece on top of each other, or wear different sized rings across the finger. The look is always complimentary and eye-catching, it’s sure to make a statement.

Creating a focal point

Speaking of grabbing attention…if you want the jewellery on your hands to be the focus, for example, avoid too much jewellery elsewhere- this is the only circumstance where you may consider lightening the load when it comes to layering.

When is it too much?

Worried you’ve overdone it? Take Coco Chanel’s advice “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”.

It’s time to mix things up. Instead of wearing your go-to pieces, start making the most of all of your jewellery!

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