We know it’s not always possible to make a regular facial appointment, cost and time are major factors in that. Incorporating an at home facial routine, where you mimic the process and techniques they do in salon, can save you on both of these fronts. So, to help you get all the benefits of a professional facial, we show you how to do a professional facial at home.

Before we get started, always remember to follow this routine for your neck as well as your face.

Step 1: Cleanse

Every good facial routine starts with fully cleaning the skin. This will help to remove face level impurities and makeup so that the products you use throughout the rest of the routine work as they should.

face wash

You’ll want to use an eye-specific cleanser to remove your eye makeup. It’s important to use a eye specific cleanser because the skin around the eye area is very delicate. If you use a product that is too tough or that isn’t designed to remove stubborn mascara, you’ll damage this delicate skin causing sagging, bags and lines. The Lancome Bi-Facil, which we like, is suitable for waterproof mascara, sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

As for the rest of the face, the Guinot Hydra Tendre cleansing cream is suitable for all skin types, is an effective makeup remover, it smells heavenly and importantly doesn’t dry your skin out. You also don’t need a lot of it so lasts a really long time.

To use: Splash your face with warm water (this is how you open your pores to clean them), massage the product in an upwards, circular motion around your face, and remove using a wet (with warm, not hot water) muslin cloth and rinse.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Your muslin cloth provides a gentle exfoliation with each wash. However, you shouldn’t be using it in place of an exfoliator, as scrubbing the skin with one will actually do more damage than good. You should still be using an exfoliating product, in addition, at least once a week to get deep within your pours to clear our any trapped dirt and dead skin cells.

We’d recommend looking for an exfoliator with glycolic acid in. This is a natural exfoliant that is safe for the skin, that’ll remove dead skin cells, work into the deeper levels of the skin and reveal brighter and happier skin. You should always use a sunscreen when actively using glycolic acid (especially so we should say!) because it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. So you’ll want to be sure you protect your fresher complexion.

To use: massage a pea-sized amount of the exfoliator in circular motions from the chin upwards. Pay particular focus to your chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. Remove with warm water and pat excess water off your face.

Top tip: If you find you have an oily t-zone or you skin would benefit, use an alcohol-free toner to remove any excess oil.

Step 3: Treatment

Now your skin is nice and clean, it’s time to move onto step 3 of your professional facial routine, the treatment. It’s at this stage that you’ll work with your chosen face mask. It could be a hydrating, exfoliating, anti-ageing or nourishing treatment, for example. If you’re having a recurring problem with your skin, we’d recommend a dedicated product that you can use time and time again to help tackle your skin concerns. However, if you’re just looking to give your skin a boost, sheet masks are a cost-effective solution with lots of variations. Whatever you use, leave on for 15 minutes and take this opportunity to have a lie down and rest.

applying face cream

Once your time is up, follow your mask instructions. It could recommend the following: dab off any excess with a tissue, rub any excess in (both common with hydrating or nourishing masks), peel off or scrub in an upwards motion (if exfoliating) or rinse with warm water.

Step 4: Massage

Following your treatment, and one of the most important aspects of a professional facial, is to take some time to follow a facial massage routine to help tone your skin, drain any toxins and help stimulate collagen production. We’d recommend doing this alongside your mask, if it instructs to rub in any excess, or alongside the finishing steps with your moisturiser.

We have a little guide you can follow, or we’d recommend the Sarah Chapman Facialift tool. If using the Facialift, follow the below steps:

  1. Push and roll the facialift from your chin to your ears x6 times
  2. Roll the Facialift from your cheeks (starting at your nose) up to ears x6 times allowing the wishbone to separate either side of your jaw
  3. Roll the Facialift from the base of your neck up to your jawline x6 times
  4. Finish by turning the facialift around and in using the flat side, tap across the face to plump and increase blood flow.

Not only does it instantly give your face more definition, it’ll relax the muscles in your face. Using this tool and or a similar technique will also make the product work deeper into the different layers of skin ensuring all aspects of your face benefit from your product.

Step 5: To finish

Depending on when you do your professional facial, will depend on how you want to finish it.

Day time:

If you like to do your facial routine first thing in the morning, you’ll still want an element of prep before applying your makeup.

Avon Lift and Firm Eye Cream is by far the best day eye cream ever. It uses caffeine to instantly refresh eyes, moisturising properties to hydrate, and anti-ageing properties to keep you looking young. Combine with a moisturising cream suitable for your skin type to hydrate the skin and provide a veil for smoother foundation application. Just before you add your makeup, be sure to pop a facial sunscreen on.

To use: using your ring finger pat the orange serum of the Avon Anew to the upper eye/brow area. Using your ring finger again, pat the cream moisturiser to the under eye area including the socket. As for your moisturiser, dab 1 spot of the cream to your cheekbones  (both sides), chin and forehead working the product in an upwards motion.

Night time:

Using a night cream or serum specific to your skin type, massage into the skin to allow it to work its magic overnight.

We like Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery duo for the night. The Concentrate is a powerhouse blend of active botanical and essential oils to work overnight to replenish the skin’s appearance for a fresher and more radiant look by morning. Used continually and it’ll improve the skin’s texture and tone and aid in anti-ageing. The sweet blend of oils make for a relaxing treat that will ease you to sleep comfortably. The Recovery Eye reduces puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles in just one night!

Top tip: Whenever using any eye product, use your ring finger to swipe the product around. The pressure in this finger is much lighter and less likely to damage the fragile skin around your eye.

We’d love to hear how you get on, share your experiences in the comments below! We’ve also shared more facial tips below that you may find helpful.

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