Create a Ringtone for Your iPhone For FREE!

Posted on Feb 12 2020 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

Want to personalise the ringtone on your iPhone but begrudge paying for it? Especially if you own it already? Well, we’re here to help! Here is a step by step guide allowing you to personalise your ringtone for free.

Step 1: The song for your ringtone

  • Open up iTunes on your computer
  • Select the song by right clicking on the track. Top Tip: Complete this entire process through ‘songs’ if possible.
  • Select ‘Get Info’.

Creating a ringtone for iPhone

Step 2: Fine Tuning!

  • Go to the ‘options’ tab
  • As you can only have 30 seconds, you’ll need to determine which 30 seconds of the song you want for your ringtone. Once determined, say you want the chorus which is 45 seconds into the song, enter 0:45 into the start (tick the box if it doesn’t do this automatically) and for end, calculate 30 seconds following which would be 1:15 (again tick the box if it doesn’t do this automatically)
  • hit ok.

Creating a ringtone for iPhone

Step 3: Creating the new file

  • select the song again and go the ‘file’ option at the top of the page
  • ‘Create new version’
  • ‘Create AAC version’- this will automatically generate the 30 second clip which we will use for the ringtone. Note: You’ll need to go back into the original track and un-select the start and stop functions (step 2.2) otherwise each time you play this song, it’ll only be the 30 second clip.

Creating a ringtone for iPhone

Step 4: The new format

  • Right click on the shortened clip and select ‘show in Windows Explorer’
  • This launches the file with the ringtone in it. You’ll want to look for the version which has a 1 next to it (this is the one we’ve just copied). Right click and rename the extension of the file from .m4a to .m4r- it’ll ask if you’re sure, click yes.
  • Double click the file which will add this to iTunes under the new format.

Creating a ringtone for iPhone

Step 5: Your new Tone

  • Access the new ringtone via ‘Tones’- look for the bell symbol on the top bar.
  • Once it’s been added to your Tones, we’d recommend deleting the shortened track from your music library as it won’t be able to play in this format anyway. It’ll still be available in the Tones section though.

Creating a ringtone for iPhone

Creating a ringtone for iPhone

Step 6: Sync it

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC and click on iPhone when it appears
  • Under the summary settings, go to Tones and ensure that the ringtones you want to appear on your phone are selected
  • Apply/Sync

Creating a ringtone for iPhone

Step 7: Set it up your ringtone on your phone

  • Once complete, on your iPhone, go to > settings >  sounds > ringtone and select the song you want for your ringtone and vois la, complete!

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