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A capsule wardrobe is a collection of several items of clothing, which do not go out of fashion. Creating a capsule wardrobe entails coming up with a limited collection of clothes. You can wear clothes in different ways to cater for multiple occasions.

You can have between 25 and 50 pieces of clothing in your capsule wardrobe. However, for most people, 50 items are too many. You can even create your wardrobe with 15-20 items! The choice is absolutely yours. The essence is to minimise the number of items at hand and maximise creative ways of wearing them.

Tips on creating your capsule wardrobe

 As the weather gets warmer, you have to throw off your fur coats and other heavy clothing and get ready to embrace the summer! You do not have to invest too much money in purchasing summer clothing. You only need to be creative with several items of clothing and accessories to boost your summer look.

A white dress

White dresses capsule wardrobe

A white dress is a must have for the summer, it is light and elegant and can even serve the purpose of keeping you nice and cool. Light colours in general reflect heat and prevent you from feeling hot. A white dress will give you a bright, cheerful appearance this summer! There are many options to choose from but one of the cutest are lace dresses like these ones form twinset for example- a fresh look but with a touch of class.

Jean shorts

The majority of people thrive in jean shorts in the summertime. With a good pair of jean shorts, you will only have to change the top to get a completely new look. They are a great staple piece to have, as they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Go for shorts that suit your style and body shape, something you will love to wear repeatedly.

Maxi dress

In the heat of summer, a maxi dress will provide an ideal way to cover your legs but staying cool and fresh. Maxi dresses are not just comfortable but airy; they help keep your legs and the entire body cool and you will not have the horrible sensation of fabric clinging to your skin. Also, a maxi dress will be a great option if you intend to attend a slightly formal summer occasion.

Casual skirt

A casual skirt would be a perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe. You can be creative and go for anything from a pencil skirt to a maxi or denim skirt. A casual skirt would go well with a casual t-shirt or a tank top.

White tee

There is no better way to complement your jean shorts and casual skirts than with a simple white tee. Go for a perfect fit and a neckline that complements your looks. You could go for short length tees to complement your shorts and skirts, and longer tees for your trousers.

Casual midi dresses

White dresses capsule wardrobe

Perfect for summer functions!

In addition to your maxi dresses, you could have a few knee-length summer dresses, maybe with fun colorful prints and light-weight fabrics. They would be a perfect wear for that special summer occasion, like a dinner party or a birthday.

Accessories for a capsule wardrobe

Accessories for summer wardrobe

Neutral sandals

Neutral sandals are extremely versatile; they will complement most of your summer outfits. To avoid overstocking your capsule wardrobe, go for a colour that will match the majority of your items of clothing. You could have a pair of flat and heeled sandals for a multitude of occasions this summer.


Your capsule wardrobe for summer cannot be complete without a pair of sunglasses. Go for a pair that will compliment your face shape and, if you’re looking to invest, choose a classic style.

Other Accessories

You will need some accessories to complement your summer wear. Other than sleek sandals and sunglasses, other crucial accessories include a floppy hat and summer scarf.

Summer is the season to get creative and enhance your appearance. What are your must-have items in your capsule wardrobe this summer?

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