Have you ever wondered why your skin flares up and breaks out following the holidays? We find it is an all-too-common occurrence which quite frankly bums us out. Wanting to get to the bottom of this, we spoke to the cosmeceutical skincare experts at dermoi! to better understand what fluctuates the skins condition and how we can tackle it. Read on.

What is usually forgone when establishing the essentials for healthy skin is the undeniable importance of an equally healthy lifestyle. If you are out drinking like it is St Patrick’s Day every night, the lack of sleep and damaging diet is guaranteed to trouble you.

Your diet and its impact on your skin


A diet mainly composed of refined carbohydrates, sugars and processed foods can be extremely detrimental to your skin. This is because such foods will increase bodily inflammation which can worsen acne-like tendencies. On the flip side, foods that are rich in antioxidants and protein do a great job of combatting free radicals and reducing inflammation. So, if you feel like your diet is doing you more bad than good, try implementing some richly coloured vegetables and fruits. These are more easily converted into Vitamins A and C which are vital in skin cell rejuvenation and collagen production.

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

Tired skin

Beyond your food choices, sleep and water are prerequisites for restored and refreshed skin.

A good night’s sleep allows your blood flow to increase and your skin to repair itself. One way it does this is by producing new collagen, preventing sagging and fine lines whilst promoting a plumper and clearer appearance.

How does temperature affect your skins conditions?

Another property to stay conscious of when trying to better understand your skin is that it is extremely susceptible to changes in temperature. For instance, when transitioning from summer to winter, the skin must work harder at maintaining an adequate level of hydration due to the decrease in air humidity. Dry air combined with indoor heating can lead to even drier skin which is why conditions like eczema are prone to winter flare-ups. Nothing a thick moisturiser and sprinkle of Vitamin D can’t fix!

When it comes to winter, everyone’s skin needs a little extra loving. Investing in a humidifier is a lovely way to maximize skin moisture and avoid excessive dryness. Cooler showers are also a great method for preventing irritation, as tempting as a steamy bath can be, especially in winter!

Parallelly, when dealing with warmer weather, the increased humidity activates our sebaceous glands. This leads to an overproduction of oil that can clog our pores. Oily skin will appear oilier and dry skin will feel rougher. Remaining hydrated on the inside and out is an effective remedy for all summer skin!

How can you tackle skin flare ups?

The key to happy skin doesn’t begin and end with your line of products. Healthy skin is a balance of both product and lifestyle. And whilst your skin craves consistency, there is no harm in harmonising your skincare habits with each season!

If it is a case of holiday overindulgence, your skin will likely return to its happy self within a couple of weeks, assuming you continue with your skincare routine too. A facial treatment or two will also help you to get your skin back under control for you to manage once more at home.

But if this feels like an on-going occurrence, in addition to reviewing your lifestyle and making the necessary adjustments to boost your skins health, you may need a targeted treatment and review of the products you use in your skincare routine and makeup to help it become more manageable and deliver desirable results.

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