Many of us have friends and family staying over the Christmas period. We share 5 ways that you can transform your guest space into something welcoming, comforting and delightful to ensure a happy and harmonious time for all.

1. Comfortable bedding


We love the value range bedding sets from Marks & Spencers though as expected with M&S the only value is in the price. Not only is it a comfortable and soft cotton and polyester blend but its stylish neutral tones brighten any room whilst simultaneously making it a relaxing environment. It’s easy to wash and can be tumble dried. It also wears extremely well; even after 20 washes mine is still in the same good condition it was when I first bought it.

 2. The little touches


Consider the little things they may forget; a pack of disposable toothbrushes, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, cotton pads and buds etc. Use glass jars and ceramic trays for a beautiful finish. You may even want to consider getting a hairdryer dedicated to guests.

3. Fresh towels

Don’t forget to leave out a fresh bundle of towels. Include a face cloth if you have one, a hand towel, a bath towel and sheet per guest if possible.A robe and slippers would be a much welcomed touch too for lazy mornings. Make sure there is somewhere for these to hang.

4. It is all in the detail

hotel luxury at home

Make sure there is a bin, a nice picture, a lamp and a good blind or set of curtains in the room to ensure a most contented environment. It’s also worth clearing a space or drawer so they can store some of things away whilst staying with you.

If you’ve got guests staying for quite a few days, a TV in the room would be beneficial too; this will ensure everyone has a dedicated space they can retreat to within the home.

We’d also recommend giving the mattress a turn or flip and the bed a steam clean if it’s not been used for some time just to freshen it all up.

It is also worth making sure the temperature of the room can be adjusted; whether it is manually control the radiator or there is a key to open the window if they need to.

5. Special requirements

breakfast in bed

Before their arrival check with them to see if they’ve any particular preferences on what they like to eat or drink and stock up a few of their favourite things for the occasion.

Place a couple of glasses in their room with a bottle of water for the night with some stylish coasters to make it even more comfortable.

Do you have any other suggestions for hosting guests?

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