When most of us think of health, we think and target diet and exercise. But there is so much more to it than that. If you read our article on the parasympathetic nervous system, you’ll know that stress can cause a whole wealth of health problems, even if you do have a good diet and exercise regime. Although these two are certainly foundations into good health care, it’s not exclusive. So, we chat to nutritional therapist Tracy Tredoux who shares her 5 tips to better holistic health.

Foundational health care

When we think of the good foundations of healthcare, this includes:

  • Eating more fruit and vegetables
    • Eating less sugar and processed foods
    • Sleeping better
    • Exercising more
    • Stressing less
    • Drinking more water

Ensuring there is a good balance of all of these components in your lifestyle are the foundational tools you need for a body that works optimally.

Pursue eudemonic happiness

This involves focusing on connection, community, and purpose. When you do things for others, the result will manifest in gratitude for helping others and dedicating oneself to a cause. This creates long lasting happiness which fills the brain with good hormones and will result in more positive thinking.

Connect with mother nature

Be in nature

Spend more time on weekends walking in nature. This simple act can transform your thoughts and feelings and prepare you for the week ahead. It’ll help provide better quality sleep, stimulate creativity and help you to feel more connected.

Make time for yourself


To care for others, you need to care for yourself first. These are just some of the simple techniques and tools you can use to feel more rested and help de-stress at the end of the day.

  • Creating a spa day at home once a month
  • Starting the day with herbal tea
  • Eating real, whole foods
  • Lighting scented candles (preferably organic)
  • Creating mood with music
  • Taking a long, luxurious bath, adding Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender essential oil
  • Reading a life affirming book

Engage in enjoyable activities

Be sure to pursue your interests often and explore new hobbies to stay connected to yourself and your purpose. A hobby is an excellent opportunity to practice physical and mental rest as well as developing skills and connections with others.

Tracy Tredoux is a Nutritional Therapist, working in London. When not consulting with clients, she posts health articles, tips and recipes on her website. You can also follow Tracy on Twitter for more top tips and to chat!

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