Hiring a Male Escort for Dates, Everything You Need to Know

Posted on Aug 26 2020 - 9:00am by Guest writer

Written in collaboration with Simon Benn

With the current pandemic, meeting new people and dating has become so much more difficult. Instead of going to the pub, you’re going online for virtual dates for the ultimate in social distancing. We’ve all become experts in Zoom and Skype.

However, even with restrictions in place, you still have options for finding companionship and just talking. That’s where male escort services like Gentlemen4Hire come into play. And the beauty is, you are in charge of the experience. Sometimes, it is hard to meet new people if you live out of town or are working remotely, as many of us are during the pandemic. Male escort services can remove the barriers that prevent you from socialising and spend time with someone is who is like-minded.

There are many misconceptions about these services. They are not illegal, nor do they promote these activities. On the contrary, they are legitimate businesses that fulfil a need. If you’ve thought about hiring an escort but are hesitant, keep reading to learn how they work and the safeguards they have in place for your privacy and safety. If you’ve been feeling lonely, you might just find a better way to weather the lockdowns and social distancing.

Why Women Use These Services

There are many reasons why a woman would hire a male escort. For example, the company. The hardest part of dealing with the pandemic is its effects on socialisation. It’s not natural for humans not to interact.

Another example, some women don’t want to attend a business event or other occasion alone. Others are more comfortable going solo, but we understand if you would rather not.

Male escort for date

Maybe, you feel more comfortable going on a virtual date because you’re concerned about the coronavirus and don’t want to risk being in public. You can get the benefits of human interaction without putting yourself or any of your close contacts at risk of infection. Fortunately, many of these services are a step ahead and have made provisions for this type of date.

Some women may prefer going out on a date—virtual or otherwise—without the commitment of a relationship. You might want to feel special and enjoy the attention, even if it’s for one meeting. You may find it empowering to call the shots with your relationships with men. Others use these services if they are travelling to a new city and want a dinner companion. Perhaps, you want a local to give you the inside track for getting around in a new place. Travel websites are useful, but the companionship of a local who knows the area may uncover a hidden gem.

All are valid reasons for choosing a male escort service, instead.

How Male Escort Services Work

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of these businesses, both for clients like you and the escorts. No one has to know your secret. And there’s no shame in wanting some company, especially during these uncertain times. It’s human nature.

A male escort can help you navigate a new city.

These services offer platonic meetings. Sex is not permitted. Most businesses will make this fact clear to both parties. However, there is a fee, which the escort sets. Payment is usually upfront, but only if you arrange a meeting. It protects your privacy. It also ensures the escorts that they will get paid for their time.

Many sites offer free registration with no obligation to hire an escort. You can browse the website and read the FAQs, following up with any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything of which you are uncertain.

Safety First

Safety, of course, is of paramount importance. These businesses will vet their escorts before their profiles are live. After all, it is in their best interest to do so. Checking how long a site has been online is an excellent way for you to determine whether it is the real deal.

Reading testimonials, particularly those from a third-party site, is another way to find out if an escort service is legit. There is no beating a simple Internet search, either. We recommend that you do your own vetting. It is essential that you feel safe and comfortable.

Many escorts find their work rewarding. It helps them develop their communication skills. Some do it for the opportunity to meet a variety of women that they may not encounter otherwise. It’s the proverbial win-win.

We also suggest taking someone in your confidence if you have any doubts. Ridesharing services like Uber will send a text to close contact with your itinerary so that they will know where you are going.

Meeting an Escort

You can think of hiring a male escort like going on a blind date.

Many sites will provide at least an email address for their escorts. We suggest that you communicate with your escort before you meet so that you two can get to know one another. Sometimes, you have to ask for the rates an escort may charge.

We recommend that you make sure you understand the terms of the arrangement, some may set minimum meeting times for example. Find out what other things you must pay for on your date, such as dinner or drinks. Also, take the standard precautions to meet in a public place.

Remember that you can choose where you meet, if you want to go somewhere where no one will recognise you.

For virtual meetings, test your Internet connection before your designated time. Make sure that you’re familiar with the app or program you’re going to use. Some require advanced registration before you can use them. However, the chances are that you’ve had plenty of meetings online already.

Many escorts will use a variety of platforms, including Facetime and WhatsApp. If you have a choice, go with the one that you are most familiar with so that you can focus your attention on your date and not your device.

Your date for a friends wedding

Great Expectations

As we’ve mentioned earlier, legitimate male escort services are for platonic meetings only. We suggest reading the profiles of any men that interest you thoroughly. It’ll make the conversation more relaxed if you can find something in common. It’s also an excellent way to make the time more enjoyable for you.

The profiles will include at least one picture. They often have some personal details too, such as age and height. They will also provide information on the types of dates they offer. Some will take you on a tour of the town and show you the sites. Others will accompany you to the theatre or a concert. You may even find an escort for a spa day or as a shopping companion.

Then, of course, there are the reviews.

They’ll give you an idea about what to expect and how well the escort knows how to treat a lady. The escorts know that it’s the best way for them to rely on a steady income. You can glean a lot from reading in between the lines.

We suggest that you post a review if you hire an escort. Help other women make an informed choice! Share what you did together and your impressions of the experience.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a male escort in this modern-day is a woman’s way to enjoy the companionship of someone who will make her feel special. If you need a pick-me-up, you may find the perfect cure with one of these sites. Your privacy and safety are imperative. The services do their part by vetting their escorts. It’s up to you to understand the terms and conditions, while doing your own investigating, too.

Even if you have only a virtual option, it is still time well spent to do something different that’s just for you.

We all need each other during this major pandemic. In many ways, hiring a male escort is therapy. The mental toll of all we’ve been through this year has yet to be revealed. Be proactive and stay in touch with life.

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