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Planning a hen or stag party? You should feel privileged. Organising absolutely anything can be stressful, but planning a stag or hen party is the complete opposite – it’s a piece of cake! 

Whatever you choose for your party, you know fine well you’ll all have an incredible time, providing that there’s plenty (and we mean a substantial amount) of drink involved.

If you’re struggling for ideas, however, we’ll let you off – there is a multitude of options available when it comes to planning a hen or stag do. That’s why we’re here to break down three great ideas for both stag and hen parties.

A day at the races

Sure, you may be planning a full weekend, but any hen or stag party should last for at least a full day – and what better way to spend the day than a trip to the races?

Attending the races allows you to get all dressed up – either in suits or fancy dress for a bit of fun – and enjoy a drink or two, perhaps while also gambling some money on a range of horse races that run throughout the day.

There are various events throughout the 2022 horse racing calendar that would make for the perfect stag do – ladies could even plan a hen party for one of the many renowned Ladies Day events and get all glammed up.

Once you’ve necked all your drinks and reached the bottom of your wallet (unless you’ve won some money of course), you should find yourselves in a decent enough state to go out on the night and make it a hen party to remember.

Pub golf

No, this enormous drinking game (sport) does not involve golf clubs or golf balls, rather it requires a few eager competitors, a location brimming with pubs, and a great deal of beer chugging.

Swapping out balls for pints – and holes for gobs – pub golf is essentially a recreational drinking game whereby participants dress up and follow a ‘course’ of nine to 18 pubs in which they’ll compete to see who can down a pint in the least amount of sips.

Much like real golf, this pub crawl with a twist has pars for each pub (hole) and the person who has the lowest score will be crowned the winner. This is a fantastic stag party idea and could be great for hen parties too!

Escape room

Escape rooms can be frustrating but fun – what better time to have a drink than when you’re stressed? Once you’ve finally escaped a perplexing and demanding escape room – or failed to do so and detonated a nuclear bomb (not literally) – you and your stag or hen party crew can ease off and celebrate with some well-deserved drinks.

You can let out your inner Sherlock Holmes and bring your detective skills to life by solving an escape room. It’s all about solving things, cracking codes, and teamwork – a perfect ice breaker if not everyone knows each other too well. This could easily be just one of many activities you get up to at your hen or stag party.

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