There is nothing like being prepared, and the way the last few years have been, it’s difficult to tell when hay fever symptoms may strike! We’ve looked into some remedies into helping you cope this year.

Nettle Tea

nettle tea to combat hay fever

The leaves of stinging nettles actually contain histamine. So if you have suffer with allergies, especially hay fever, drinking nettle tea can help to reduce common symptoms such as sneezing, stuffy noses and runny eyes. They’re also surprisingly good for a lot of things.

It’s quite simple to make your own nettle tea. However, if you don’t fancy handling them, and who could blame you, there are lots of variations in the supermarket. Just look for the most natural version possible to get all those good benefits.


The NHS recommends rubbing a small amount of Vaseline to the inside of your nostrils which can aid in preventing pollen getting into your nasal passages which ultimately flares your symptoms. Just make sure your hands are clean before applying and you could use a cotton bud to ensure there’s no contamination.

Local honey


There has been quite a bit of speculation over the years about the effectiveness of taking a teaspoon of local honey to help combat hay fever symptoms. Apparently, a spoonful a day helps you to develop an immunity. There’s no scientific evidence to support it but lots of people rave about it. If you suffer, it’s got to be worth the try!

This is quite important to note though: If you’re going to start taking a teaspoon of honey a day, it needs to be from the local area. This is so you can become use to the pollen found in your area.

Nasal spray

You may find it helpful to clear your nasal passages with a nasal spray. Sterimar Nasal Spray is a sea salt spray that acts as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-allergy. Not only will it clear congestion but will offer a pollen protection. Ideal to use first thing and last thing at night or use once or twice during the day.

Dose up

Much like having a cold, hay fever carries much of the same symptoms so increase your vitamin C intake, munch on spicy foods to clear nasal passages and dose up on antioxidant rich foods. Check out our article on colds for more information.

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