Winter proof skincare

Posted on Jan 20 2016 - 6:00pm by Samantha Clark
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The first Winter frost hit our town this morning and blimey was it cold. It’s been heading that way for a few weeks now. My hands were the first to show the signs of the cold weather with dry, cracked knuckles with no treatment able to soothe it. Thankfully my face was saved from the harsh weather with the latest and greatest in skincare treatment. So if you’re finding the cold is taking it’s toll on your complexion, see our guide to cold proof skincare.

Kiehls Ultra Facial BalmIf you’re skin is extremely dehydrated, find that the wind snap is too much to bear for your skin, it’s ultra sensitive after battling hot rooms and cold outdoors, you’re heading to even colder climes (we’re talking to you skiers!) then this is the product for you. Kiehl’s NEW Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm is a rich, comforting, hydrating face cream that can be used daily. You’ll not need much to receive its benefits. As the balm warms up, it’ll be easier to rub the moisturiser all over your face, neck and decolletage for instant hydration and soft, soothed skin. If you’re concerned that the cream will be too heavy, don’t be. Despite its thick consistency, it’s extremely smooth and comfortable on the skin. One of the key ingredients of this balm, Edelweiss Flower extract, was selected for it’s resilience to harsh environmental conditions. Check out the story (which is extremely interesting) and their views on the product over on our Health and Beauty page.CliniqueBalm

Clinique Moisture Surge Melting Mask is a silky, solid oil balm that melts into skin to restore comfort and radiance, which turns to oil when activated with a warm touch. Apply as a skin care booster for dry patches of skin (some areas are just more prone to it) not just on your face but cuticles, cracked knuckles and elbows, apply all over the face for a 10 minute nourishing treatment or even as an overnight mask.  Utilising a triple blend of Apricot Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Macadamia Oil, this gorgeous smelling and luxurious non-greasy oil based balm helps to nourish and relieve dry spots working deep into the multiple layers of skin for an on-going hydrant- bonus of oil based products.

Origins Make A Difference

I guarantee your skin could do with a moisture boost! What I first noticed when I used this moisturiser was how taught my skin felt after application and that was simply because it wasn’t hydrated enough and I drink on average 2-3litres of water a day. After a few days/weeks of use, my skin is noticeably more hydrated, gives my skin a nice glow and I no longer have that sucking feeling on application. Origins Make a Difference+ Rejuvenating Treatment has a fresh scent, lightweight consistency and hydrating properties that is a perfect combination for a daily moisturiser for those with combination and oily skin types as well as those looking for a moisture boost. This creams attributes is to support the skin’s functionality whilst retaining moisture into the deeper levels of the skin..SarahChapmanIntenseHydratingBoost

Sarah Chapman is facialist to the celebrities and for those that can’t access her treatments, can now get their hands on her incredible and award winning Skinesis skin care range. The Intense Hydrating Booster is a complimentary must have addition to your prefered skincare products. Apply the lightweight serum day and night before your moisturiser for an additional hydrating boost with ingredients that will simultaneously activate the skin’s natural defences to protect the skin from harmful environmental factors. Your skin will instantly feel softer, plumper, look more vibrant and have the much sought after dewy complexion. The glass droplet gives the exact amount required to cover your face and neck without concerns as to whether you’re overusing or even using enough.

Decleor Intense Nurtition Hydra Duo

Decleor Intense Nutrition Hydro-Duo will bring instant relief to tired, dry and stressed skin brought on by the effects of the cold, winter weather we’ve been having. This combination is designed to protect the skin from dehydration whilst adding a moisture boost to lacklustre skin. Step 1 is a refreshing gel that will instantly soothe irritated skin. Leave on for 5 minutes before applying the nourishing and supportive step 2 directly on top. Leave on for a further 10 minutes before using your preferred toner to remove any excess. Use as a weekly treatment to complement your existing routine and at times when your skin is most prone to hydration loss. Tip: Use at the end of the day to allow the product to work in skindeep.

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