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Posted on Feb 1 2015 - 3:00pm by Maria Mason

Love is in the air and there’s nothing more women love than a yummy treatment or beautiful product. So what’s hot this month? With Valentines very much in the minds of the romantics amongst us, we need to remember that it is ok to love and treat ourselves.

I personally love my jasmine luxury body cream by Neal’s yard, I feel that all through the winter my skin is taken care of as well as preparing for that first uncovering and anticipation of warmer days.

There’s some products you may love this February; lip balms, hand creams and super saver skin serums! So let’s talk about soft hands to hold, skin that has that rosy glow and kissable lips.

For hands as smooth as silk; an SPF and cream or milk. Nails can break and crack at this time of year due to the cooler temperatures, keeping them moist is key. After applying a hand cream or body milk, apply an SPF which will keep the sun damage at bay; even the smallest exposure to the sun can age skin and our hands are one of the quickest areas to show it!

If you want skin that glows; moisture is the way to go. Use just your fingertips to apply moisturiser and serums so product isn’t absorbed into the nightly porous hands. A super saver serum can plump up the fine lines that appear in winter due to indoor heating and changes in moving from hot indoor conditions to cold climates outside. Brrrrrr

Lips as plump and smooth as can be; a lip balm is must, can’t you see! Lip balms with SPF can be used over most, if not all lipstick and gives you added protection and can add a shine that lifts your lip colour. People often ask me about lip plumping products when lip balms use ingredients that stimulate the blood supply, this increased supply of blood gives you a fuller look.

Now let’s talk treats!

Chocolate: A chocolate body wrap detoxes the body and you still get the feel good factor from the release of endorphins when the scent of the chocolate is picked up by the brain. Chocolate that works the way we want it to.

Roses: An aromatherapy facial using rose essential oil. A facial massage is good for you on so many levels, just like any body massage it works on the tiny facial muscles that can hold stress and tension. Relaxing the facial muscles gives you a youthful look, increases blood supply and removes toxins. Rose is one of the most precious of oils, it has an anti ageing effect on the skin and a sense of well-being on the brain.

Violets are blue: a nail shape and polish in valentines colours (royal red or violet blue). Gels if applied professionally can protect and promote nail growth. The secret to a long lasting gel manicure is the after care and use of the fine oil to rehydrate the growth part of the nail. If your hands and nails are taken care of in this way, they’ll grow long and strong.

and for some natural goodness: Despite our very cold winters, we still get some very beautiful days and as such plenty of opportunities to dose yourself up with vitamin D- which can make us feel really good. So top up your SPF, wrap up warm and go walk outside; you’ll feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.

A gift from us to you: We have an app that can be downloaded from the apps store: iTunes and Google Play. When loaded to your smart phone it offers 10% off your first treatment and a chance to gain a free aromatherapy back massage with a rewards card built in- flash us your phone when your in!

Although it’s time for us to leave we’ve a little rhyme from all of us at Beauty Time:

Gels come in red and they also come in blue,
Roses oil is anti aging and smells pretty good too,
But if chocolates your thing, it will make you smile to know;
it can detox and condition the skin all in one go

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