Summer beauty saviour, Bobbi Brown Beach Glow eye palette

Posted on Jun 15 2016 - 11:00am by Samantha Clark
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Eye palettes are the greatest beauty kit. You’re basically given several different looks in one tiny, cute little compact. It makes for travelling super easy without the restriction. Bobbi Brown’s Beach Glow eye palette is THE eye palette of Summer 2016. And we had the absolute pleasure of trying it out.

We’re going to show you, with our super convenient eye diagram, how to use the Beach Glow eye palette to create 3 entire looks with this cute compact and point out other ways in which you may never thought to use it!

Au Naturel

Eyeshadow brushEye diagramPerfect for daytime/for the beach. It’s a super simple look that will help you seem wideawake even if you’ve had too many pina coladas the night before!

Using an eyeshadow brush like this one from Clinique, apply the neutral, cream powder across the eyelid up to the arch- it’s always a great base for any look but this neutral tone will even out your skin tone, mattifying your skin but helping you look wide awake. With the same brush, apply the pink to the lid and into the crease to give you a warming glow.

Finish the look by using an angled brush, like this one from The Body Shop and apply the cream powder around the V of the inner corner/tear duct- trust us, this makes your eyes like really wide! Follow up with your favourite waterproof mascara (one layer) in case you fancy jumping into that pool.

Daytime smokey

If you’re heading out shopping or leisurely lunch that could end up anywhere, this is the daytime look for you!

First off, follow the same steps above.

Next, using an eyeshadow brush (like before) from the centre of the eye apply the golden shimmer (ensure you knock off any excess first- otherwise you could end up with it in places you don’t want it to be!) into the crease and out towards the outer edge of the eye.

Using the slanted brush, apply the charcoal  (essential to dust off any excess here!) along the upper lash line from the centre towards the outer eye in one smooth stroke. Work the product into the V of the outer eye into the outer eye’s crease.

Finish with 2 layers of your favourite mascara- we’d recommend a non-waterproof one (we love this Chanel Inimitable one)

Night-time smokey

It’s time to party!

Follow the same steps as above (the Daytime Smokey) but work the charcoal along to the centre of the crease and use a blending brush (like this one from Superdrug) work the product in towards the outer eye line. Instead of using a slanted brush as an eyeliner, use your favourite liquid eyeliner to create a deeper tone.

Finish up with 2 layers of your favourite volumising mascara- we’d recommend They’re Real! by Benefit

Other ways in which you can use it!


The cream is an especially fantastic highlighter! Add a bit of definition and sheen to the cheekbones by using your finger and applying the product across the cheekbone, avoiding the apples of your cheeks. Ensure it’s well blended.

Cheeky powder!

The pink is a great choice to add a bit of colour to your cheeks! Using your fingers first, work the product across the cheekbone and blend in with a blusher brush to finish. If you want more of a bronzed, shimmery look then use a tiny amount of the gold shimmer- always start with a little so you can build on it if you want more.


As highlighted above (in Au Naturel), the cream powder is a great way to make your eyes seem much bigger and brighter than they perhaps feel! Use across the crease/brow bone and inner/outer corners for exceptionally wide eyes- have a play with different areas of the eye, I’ll bet you’ll be astounded by the results.


As shown in Daytime Smokey, the charcoal brown is a brilliant eyeliner. Always ensure that you dust any excess product off your brushes with a couple of taps against a tissue, otherwise it could end up all smudgy around the eyes and it’s pretty difficult to remove without compromising the rest of your look. Powder shadows as an alternative liquid eyeliners can really soften a look.

Bobbi Brown

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