Suffering from Eczema? As part of Eczema week here’s 3 potential solutions for management

Posted on Sep 14 2016 - 3:00pm by Samantha Clark
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For National Eczema Week (13th- 21st September) we have put together some tips on how to best manage eczema for the thousands of adults and children it affects every year

cetrabenUsing emollients for washing and moisturising are key to eczema management, not only do they replace lost moisture from the skin but also form a protective barrier.

Cetraben is the perfect solution for those suffering with dry and problematic skin, allowing you to feel in control of the condition and comfortable in your own skin. Drawing on its prescription heritage, it provides effective and specialist skincare that treats by re-hydrating and protecting skin from irritants. Cetraben cream and lotion both contain light liquid paraffin, white soft paraffin and glycerine. The exact balance of these three simple ingredients, working in harmony with the skin, is the secret that makes Cetraben so popular. Cetraben is also Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and paraben free and comes in a handy 50 ml size, making it perfect for taking on holiday! Available at Boots and other stores nationwide

lloydsUnderstanding your skin health is an important part of maintaining a good skincare regime, especially during the winter months when your skin is put under added pressure from the cold weather.

LloydsPharmacy has introduced free skin analysis testing in a number of stores to offer customers tailored skincare advice.

The skin analysis machine can measure elasticity, hydration, oil (sebum), pigmentation, pH, temperature and tell you if your skin age is in line with your biological age.

You can visit a LloydsPharmacy skin health advisor and through a blend of innovative skin analysis equipment, visual analysis and discussion about your current skin routine and concerns, skin health advisors can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your individual skin health in minutes and recommend skincare products to suit your needs and enhance healthy skin.
The experts can offer seasonal advice to ensure you are using the right products on your skin, depending on the season. They can also provide advice for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea. Check out the Lloyds Pharmacy site to find your local free skin analysis service bio-oil

Bio-Oil’s concentrated formula is enriched with Vitamin E to protect against dehydration and Vitamin A to keep skin supple and smooth, perfect to nourish and soothe eczema prone skin. These essential skincare ingredients are important on their own, but in Bio-Oil they are combined with PurCellin Oil™ to take them deep into the second layer of the skin for gold-standard targeted treatment. Available at Superdrug from £5.89

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