Subject to sports injuries? Let’s look at how we can correct that!

Posted on Jun 1 2016 - 3:32pm by Guest writer
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Sports injuries are sometimes a case of bad luck, other times it could be attributed to overdoing it. Then of course there are the injuries that are statistically at greater risk of occurring such as cruciate knee ligaments from football or horse riders fracturing their collar bones when falling off- though don’t let that put you off! Less dramatically though, we are all prone to problems at sites of cumulative wear and tear or misalignment, both of which are at greater risk of occurring with poor posture. The very best way to cultivate long-term resilience in our bodies is to pattern our posture and movement optimally in daily life. Good habits then protect us when more active:

  • Smooth, well coordinated walking develops our glute and foot strength, conditioning the Achilles tendon and psoas for running.
  • Naturally good bending action comes from the hip joints, not the back, achieving the flexible hamstrings needed in the rugby scrum or goal.
  • Torso swing and stability to drive a golf ball requires healthy postural muscles.
  • Open shoulders with good neck architecture gives us the mobility and joint space needed for swimming or serving a tennis ball.

This is why posture expert Esther Gokhale coined the phrase ‘Downtime Training’ to describe the resilience and athletic advantage automatically gained by those employing good posture and biomechanics in their daily actions.

Postural re-education is a serious and effective investment in musculoskeletal health, whatever your sport. It’s a natural antidote to the harmful habits our society perpetuates via unhelpful furniture, poor role models, and well intentioned but mistaken ideas about ‘good’ or even ‘normal’ posture.

A Gokhale Method Individual Consultation offers expert insight and feedback on your posture, plus personal recommendations for improvement. Call me, Clare Chapman, on 07982 231317 or explore the full 6-lesson course at

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