Spring/Summer beauty 2016.

Posted on Apr 27 2016 - 8:35pm by Samantha Clark

Ok ladies, despite some of the very strange weather we’ve been having (is it Spring, Summer or Winter? and what was with the snow yesterday?), it’s time to switch up our beauty regime with the latest and greatest available to us. We’ve tried and tested each of the products included in this SS beauty segment that’ll take care of you from top to bottom and think you’ll really like what we’ve discovered. We’ll also be doing a travel beauty segment in the next couple of week with our recommendations for products to take everywhere with you- regardless of where your summer holiday will take you.


Aquis Hair TurbanHair care starts at the very basics, including what we use to dry our hair with. Did you know that using an ordinary towel/towel drying causes split ends, damages the hair shaft, makes your hair frizzy and cause hair loss? Switch your towel up to a microfibre turban such as the Aquis essentials Hair Turban which is proven to absorb more excess water than your ordinary towel which means less rubbing (please change to a blotting action immediately) and therefore healthier hair. Although I find the microfibre towels don’t like my hands (they’re just too dry), my hair does love it.


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These extremely popular Kérastase products are to become a staple. The Elixir Ultime is golden for a reason- mostly suitable for fine hair, the Elixir will hydrate and smooth your hair whilst boosting volume. It’s a perfect summer essential when we’re faced with humidity, dry heat and air conditioning on top of our normal styling routine. The Elixir will take care of your hair on a day to day basis whilst giving it everything it needs in terms of shine, care and volume. For best results, use each time you wash your hair whilst damp by spritzing roots to ends, combing through the hair and drying as normal.

Kerastase Masque UV Defense Active

Best price found at allbeauty.com

In addition to the Elixir Ultime switch up your hair mask to the Masque UV Défense Active which is specifically formulated to take care of sun and chlorine exposed hair. If you’re going away and likely to be doing these things more, ensure you take a pot you to keep on top of your hair care. It’ll enrich your hair rather than strip any sun-kissed glow added by the sun and make your hair appear more sleek and smooth. Best used once every two weeks, massage into towel dried hair and leave for 5 minutes (no more if used regularly) and rinse through thoroughly, style as normal. It’s your hair’s new best friend this Summer.


Dr Hauschka Quince Day CreamBenefit Dream ScreenSwitching your moisturiser is a summertime ritual. Eventually your winter cream becomes too thick to cope with the heat and you’ll end up breaking out- not what we want. You want something that’s light weight, can still give you that boost of moisture and nourish the skin and we think we’ve found the perfect solution in DR Hauschka Quince Day Cream. Ideal for balanced or slightly dry skin, use on your face, neck and decolletage for instant boost of hydration. Team this with your desired foundation/tinted moisturiser (again make a switch) and add Benefit’s Dream Screen to finish- Benefit’s Dream Screen is a luxuriously silky facial sunscreen with factor 45. Whatever coverage you think you’re getting from your other products, it’s just not enough- it’s essential for health and for ageing purposes to wear a sunscreen fit for purpose. This is the best I’ve come across, ever. You’ll not need a lot to ensure you’re covered so apply a pea sized amount to the back of the hand before rubbing in your palms and patting over your face- pat to ensure you don’t smudge your makeup. You’ll not need to reapply at all.

Benefit Eye Bright

Apply into the inner and outer corners of the eyes to really make them pop

I don’t know about you but I find that as we start heading into the warmer weather it’s plainly obvious I’ve not seen sunlight properly for a considerable period of time- my skin looks a little grey, the bags under my eyes stand out and I just look awful- not at all what we want when we’re heading into skin bearing season. If you feel the same, you’ll also probably love this product; the Eye Bright from Benefit will instantly uplift your face completely- it may just be for the eyes but it impressively makes my skin look overall brighter and hides those pesky bags fully when teamed with my trusty concealer it also makes your eyes pop! Use in the inner and outer corners of your eyes for a truly wide awake look.Verso Deep Hydrating Mask

Don’t leave the masks at hair alone- tanning can, if we’re not properly moisturised can have the undesired effect of ageing us. Much like our hair, our face is perhaps overexposed in the summer and so it’s of particular importance it’s well cared for, remember sun damage, regardless of how little, is irreversible. Therefore a hydrating facial mask can not only prolong our tanned look but help us look more youthful too. We’d recommend the Verso Deep Hydrating Mask once a week or at least once every two weeks for intense hydration that’ll last up to 120 hours. It’s instant results that you’ll be super pleased with and will not look back!


Orly EPIX Window ShoppingOrly EPIX Hip and OutlandishWe’ve just discovered ORLY and we’re in love. Their EPIX collection is especially special: it’s the best and smoothest nail application ever that dries fast and looks like gel but is normal polish! The bottles make the colours look deceptive though- we tried both Window Shopping and Hip and Outlandish which you’d expect to be darker shades but when applied we were blown away by how vibrant the colours were and perfect for summer.  They’ve colours in this range suitable to every mood. Well worth the look.


Any area of my body that is sun exposed is always covered with sunscreen (I use Decleor protective hydrating milk so I get hydrating and protective qualities all in one) but for the areas that aren’t or as a treatment before bed I’ve recently converted to the Moroccanoil body range. The body soufflé is a luxurious body product that instantly hydrates and freshens the skin and I love the smell of the Fleur De Rose cream, it’s just heavenly. My skin, after a couple of weeks of using it, looks more hydrated and happy and feels more soft and supple- it’s a huge hit!

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