Review: The Living Food Kitchen; delicious smoothies, natural dips and raw desserts

Posted on Jun 22 2016 - 4:00pm by Samantha Clark
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Eating, clean and healthy can be challenging at the best of times. A lot of it involves doing it yourself which can be incredibly Blueberry & acai-2time consuming and costly. It’s with thanks to The Living Food Kitchen and they’re new range of foods that’s healthy, natural, and where possible organic too that’s available on the go. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the new range of almond shakes, raw dips and raw desserts, here is what I found.

Almond Shakes:

Packed with a variety of superfoods, these shakes are a great breakfast alternative or a refreshing middle of the day pick up. They’re dairy, gluten and soya free and come in a number of delicious flavours so you can rest assured you’re getting plenty of natural goodness. It’s an easy way to ensure your family are getting their intake of fresh, natural food daily too. We particularly loved the tropical taste of Pineapple and Coconut and the sweetly satisfying taste of Blueberry and Acai though the other flavours are equally satisfying, anything that makes us feel like we’re on holiday is a hands down winner.

Raw dips:

I’m not normally a dip or sauce kind of person. I’d rather have dry food to some manufactured flavouring added to my meals Beetroot hummusbut I’m totally over that now. I was impressively surprised by these dips, especially the raw beetroot hummus and the pea and mint hummus. They’re incredibly versatile; as actual dips with bread sticks, a dollop with my salad or roasted sweet potato wedges, in a wrap with chicken and salad, the possibilities are endless. When we had guests over, they were also pleasantly surprised too, again especially by the beetroot variation- I urge you to try this immediately. What’s of course best about these in addition to their great flavour and versatility, is just how natural and good they are; you can finally add some flavour to your meals without the guilty conscious on whether or not it is good for you, these definitely are!

Raw desserts:

Major pro of these desserts is of course the healthy Chocolate Moussecomposition. They use only natural, healthy, super ingredients in the creation of their desserts. They look wonderful, vibrant and delicious enough to want to eat and the proportions are perfect too. You’ll be convinced you’re eating something extremely naughty when in reality, it’s extremely good. Sadly, for me, there was a downside. All of the desserts use coconut as a main ingredient and I’m not the biggest fan of coconut at all and I did find the taste overbearing. But, that’s just my taste preference- if you like coconut, you’re simply going to love the desserts.

I’d strongly encourage you to take a look at the range and make an opinion for yourself especially if you’re on a clean based diet, you’ll not be disappointed.

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