Putting Fake Tan To The Test: From Gradual to Instant

Posted on Sep 20 2017 - 12:59pm by Samantha Clark

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When it comes to fake tanning, there are so many options to choose from. You can now pick a tanning option suitable to your lifestyle, your needs at the time and to work around you and whatever time you have available to get your glow on. With next to no time and up to 3 hours you can go from healthy looking skin to a tan that takes some weeks to develop whilst you’re getting the healthier, arguably more attractive looking skin. We test and share our experience with St Tropez tanning range from the revolutionary in shower tan to spray and go.

Something to note here before we get started- fake tan works with your skin’s naturally melanin so if you’ve a patchy tan to start, your fake tan will go the same way. Skip the fuss and just fake tan all the way!

Instant tanThe developing tanning lotion is so simple to use; no fear of mess or trouble and it works almost instantly. Fine you’re not going to get a glow akin to that of 2 weeks in the med but it does instantly lift and brighten the skin, giving it a warm enough glow that you’d feel confident enough to go out bare legged. Additional major plus point is it’s buildable. Continue using on a daily basis for the colour to develop.

Special occasion, going out or just because you want to get your legs out, the St Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mist is your go to. But practice makes perfect with this product. Although the nozzle is now angular to allow for more even coverage, you still need to apply from a distance which can be a little tricky when you’re getting into it- I’m forever moving closer to my leg which can lead to clumps. If you do get a few blobs or it’s not quite as even as you’d like, use the mitt and smooth along the leg upwards. Best used in the bath where you’ve space to move and is super easy to rinse afterwards.

Don’t forget…… Tanning Mitt for easy application

Tanning mitt

Tanning star buy

Our star buy when it comes to tanning has to be the Express Bronzing Mousse. It is amazing to work with. It is a developing tan but in just an hour you can get a tan worthy of weeks in the sun without actually going anywhere or damaging your skin or health in the process. The mousse formula is easy to work with; simply squirt directly onto your mitt and work in a n upwards, circular motion. It’s easy to see where you’ve gone, where you need more or anywhere that requires a buff. Then leave to touch dry before getting dressed and avoid getting wet. Go about your day for 1, 2 or 3 hours whilst it develops- depending on how dark you want it to go; note once you wash it off it’ll continue to develop for up to 8 hours after. In that time you can do your chores, washing, pamper yourself (mani or pedi anyone!) or do a food shop etc. After your preferred time, hop back in the shower and that’s it. Instant tan; and the results, even after an hour, is amazing! No mess, no fuss, just healthy looking skin.

Shower tanThe revolutionary tan developer you use in the shower! It’s true. Simple to use and takes just 3 minutes to work. You may think it’ll be cold waiting 3 minutes but because of the luxuriously creamy consistency it isn’t at all bad. Plus in 3 minutes you can give yourself a mini facial and you’ll be jumping back in the shower in no time at all. It won’t give you an instant tan but does give you a healthy looking glow and must like the lotion apply frequently to allow the tan to build.

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Image supplied by St Tropez.

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