Makeup bag update- Everything has an expiry!

Posted on Oct 24 2018 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

We talk of spring cleans and wardrobe sort outs every other season but one thing we often neglect to consider is our makeup.

Although they don’t have expiry dates written explicitly on them, like our food and drink, makeup can and does go off. Even though most things, like foundation, you’ll use within the expiry period, there are some other items we use less frequently that often get neglected. So make it a priority to sift through your makeup bags and get rid of anything that has long seen it’s sell by date.



Generally speaking our makeup for our faces will last up to two years. However, if you’re prone to breakouts or you notice a change in your skin, we’d recommend changing within a year of opening. If the container gets damaged in anyway, this could expose your products to bacteria that could cause spots, skin irritation or even infection. In which case, change immediately or transfer to a new container that has been sterilised.

Foundation- 2 years

Concealer- 2 years

If used near your eye area, we’d recommend changing every 8-10 months.

Blusher- 2 years

Bronzer- 2 years

Powder- 2 years


With products applied close to the eye, you need to take caution as bacteria can easily be transferred and cause eye infections.

Mascara- 6 months

QUIT PUMPING YOUR MASCARA– There is just cause to shout that, we promise! Ok, maybe that was a bit much…

Pumping your mascara forces air into the container and causes premature drying of your fav mascara, this can actual create an environment for bacteria to breed. Obviously we don’t want that, so one way to stop it is from not pumping your mascara. Instead pull the mascara wand out of the container in a circular motion so that you’ll get an even coverage of mascara on the brush.

If your mascara changes colour, dries out or smells weird- it’s time to throw it out. Even if your mascara seems pretty good after the 3 month mark, it’s still time for it to go.

Eyebrow pencil- 2 years

Eyeshadow- 6 months- 2 years

As for eyeshadow if it’s cream format it’ll only have a lifespan of 6 months- criminal we know. But because it needs to be a hydrated, as soon as it starts to dry out you’re in bacteria growth territory- sadly, water won’t save it.

Eyeliner- 6 months- 2 years

Much like eyeshadow, if it’s cream it’ll only see you through for about 6 months. Pencils however will be your new best friend. These babies will last up to 2 years! Keep it sharp and you’re liner will be on point.


Oddly your lipstick will give you a good 2 years if well looked after. Your lip liners, glosses and balms generally only last up to a year but there are things you can do to help prolong their lives.

Lipstick- 2 years (every year)

Keep that lid on tight, use brushes where possible (we get you can’t carry one in the bag) and if you don’t use it often at all- or even if you do- take the top off it every now and then to get to the fresh stuff.

Lip liner- 1 year

Sharpen it before each use to rid any nasties!

Lip gloss- 1 year

Much like your mascara- no pumping!

Lip balm- 1 year

Go for stick over pot, if your hands are dirty it’ll only transfer to the pot.

Nail varnish- 2 years+

And this is really only because it starts to separate. If you notice this happening, I am afraid it is a lost cause.

If your nail varnish is getting a little clumpy but still seems to have a bit left in it, add a drop or two of nail varnish remover, shake it up and will be as good as new!

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